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Disaster for summer in the UK, when sun seekers face a ban on one-time barbecue

The government is starting a review in which disposable barbecues in stores may be banned

One of the UK’s main products summer is now under threat as Government considers banning sizzling sausages in the park.

Officials number 10 began checking the restrictions sales disposable braziers in the UK, and the new measure could be introduced in time for the summer.

This comes after concerns were expressed following reports of forest fires launched by a camping favorite.

Disposable braziers account for 4% of serious accidents forest firesaccording to the Interior Ministry.

Speaking about the potential ban, Environment Minister Victoria Prentiss said: “Disposable barbecues, if used properly, do not in themselves pose a fire hazard.

The government is launching a review under which disposable barbecues may be banned in stores

“Risk arises when they are left unattended or used recklessly.”

The minister also acknowledged that although the government “does not yet have enough data” to definitively prove how many fires are caused by barbecues, “indifferent data” indicate that they were “responsible for a number of serious incidents.”

Work Shadow Minister for Crime Reduction and Courts, Meanwhile, Holly Walker Lynch said firefighters in West Yorkshire have already managed to take part in 75 major forest fires this year.

Emphasizing the “scale of the problem and the destruction it causes,” she also acknowledged that the ban “sounds like a big step.”

The Home Office estimates 4 per cent of all forest fires in the UK are caused by wildfires
According to the Home Office, 4% of all forest fires in the UK are disposable barbecues.

Ms. Lynch added that while councils already have the power to stop barbecues in public places using public space protection orders, one should not always expect them to pick up the bill.

Last month, Aldi supermarket discounts announced a ban on cooking appliances, saying it would cut 35 tonnes of disposable waste a year.

They asked their buyers to consider mini-portable barbecues instead. Waitrose has also removed this product from its shelves, cutting out 70,000 one-time barbecues annually.

Many parks and beaches across the UK already have local bans on one-off barbecues.

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