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Gordon Ramsey angrily interrupts BBC chefs when it comes to the wrong thing

Gordon Ramsey

When it comes to cooking great food, the TV is a chef Gordon Ramsey never captures.

The Kitchen Nightmares star is famous for breaking into their chefs when they make epic mistakes on screen, and this week was certainly no different.

The Michelin-starred chef is running his new BBC Future Food Stars food show, in which 12 hand-picked entrepreneurs compete with each other in weekly challenges.

All participants who are fond of food are competing to get £ 150,000, which is changing Gordon’s life, an investment in his business coming from his own pocket.

It fits in with a format similar to Lord Sugar’s famous “Student” business show, in which entrepreneurs also face weekly business challenges with a chance to secure huge investments.

Gordon was in February with participant Matthew at the BBC Future Food Stars

The show on Thursday (April 7) saw gourmets go out into nature and organize a holiday in the woods – in rural London’s Chiltern Hills.

The Greens consisted of Leah. Jamie, Matthew, Steph and Victoria, while the reds entered Jen, Amit, Michelle, Valentina and Usher.

Rival teams even had to extract the ingredients themselves and cook food over an open fire, which is then served to the paying guests.

However, for the Green team, things went wrong when the owner of the zero-waste restaurant Matthew kept stumbling with his words in front of Gordon himself.

Gordon Ramsey
The food entrepreneur was constantly spoiling his rehearsal table speech

To see how the team was doing, Gordon asked Matthew to show him a rehearsal for his team’s feast – treat him like a regular customer.

He said, “Matthew, I am a guest. I want to take a walk. “

Then Matthew began his welcome speech, but was immediately confused when he said: “Good evening, good afternoon and we invite …”

Gordon didn’t have any of that, and he immediately cut off the contestant, saying, “Wait, good evening, good afternoon, you’ll be fucking behind. And how much now?”

Gordon Ramsey
Ramsey branded Matthew “b *** in the back” during a hot exchange

Matthew immediately apologized and replied, “It will be 4 o’clock when we serve guests, so good afternoon.”

Gordon said, “Right,” before asking him to greet him again, but he was wrong again.

He said to Gordon, “Good evening and welcome …” and Ramsey was increasingly annoyed by the other.

The award-winning chef said, “My God, good afternoon, good evening. Daylight in the woods. Good evening.

When Matthew finally realized, Gordon sat down to try the food, but when he stumbled again, Gordon asked him if he had any idea what was going on.

Gordon Ramsey
The Greens eventually won the task

He later advised the chef to be “much more relaxed” when serving guests because, in Gordon’s words, he “scared me”.

However, Matthew’s team eventually won, as it turned out that the Green team satisfied seven of the 12 customers.

Red Team, on the other hand, were offended when they learned that 11 of their guests had said they would not even pay.

It was cocktail connoisseur Jen who eventually got terrible shoes, and Gordon told her she couldn’t lead her team.

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