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The UK’s iconic tourist attractions are rated as poor value for money

Buckingham Palace was also rated as low cost

After that, more Britons than ever are choosing a holiday in the UK coronavirus pandemic – and in the background the recent chaos at airports.

Vacationers were spotted for hours in queues to pass security checks, and even missed flights due to massive queues.

So many people who want to go on Easter or summer vacation, choose to admire the sights of the British Isles.

But unfortunately, the analysis showed that some of Britain’s most famous landmarks turned out to be a bad price.

A new study from ParkSleepFly analyzed the cost of a one-day entrance ticket for an adult to the world’s 30 largest tourist attractions, as well as the number of “bad” and “horrible” reviews received by each attraction to identify the world’s worst tourist attractions in terms of value for money.

Buckingham Palace was also rated as low cost

And unfortunately, the first places, such as Stonehenge and Buckingham Palace, were on the list of worst attractions.

Buckingham Palace took second place.

Visiting the public rooms at the royal residence will cost you 30 pounds, but 3.3% of visitors were not impressed by their visit to the Queen’s house.

Fortunately, you can see the palace from the outside for free, so if you go to see the change is worth it to get a great experience.

The list includes London Eye
The list includes London Eye

Also in second place is Stonehenge.

Visitors to the ancient monument have to pay £ 19.50 per visit, but criticism on Tripadvisor includes the fact that you can’t touch the stones, and one disgruntled columnist described the landmark as “just a bunch of stones”.

We would say that in attracting a little more than that, as there is also a lot of information about the stones, their meaning and how they were raised, so it’s up to you if it sounds like your cup of tea.

London Eye and Edinburgh Castle are also among the worst-priced attractions, ranking 5th and 10th.

Edinburgh Castle ranked 10th
Edinburgh Castle ranked 10th

But topped the list of attractions with the worst value American spectacle.

The worst attraction was the New York Empire State Building.

While this is undoubtedly a landmark of New York City, the climb to the tower costs £ 32.57 (and it’s only up to the main deck, not to the top).

Combined with 4.2% of negative reviews, the Empire State Building gets just 1.03 / 10 per account.

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