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Dog owner “visits” puppy on Google Maps after he catches a beagle looking out the window

"I used to sit with my sisters ’dogs.  She was like a niece," wrote a woman on Reddit

A the dog the nanny can “visit” her sister’s backyard, which she used to think of after Google Maps captured a mixture of beagles looking out the window of her home.

The Canadian, who then lived in Wyoming, USA, switched to Reddit to share a happy picture of a puppy looking out the front window.

“I used to sit with my sister’s dog. She was like a niece. Then I moved to another country 3 years ago. Sometimes I visit Google Maps and see her little face looking at me. I miss her so much! “- she wrote on social media.

“She’s a ridiculous mix of beagle and chihuahua. Super cute, but her howl was like a fire truck.”

“I used to sit with my sister’s dogs. She was like a niece, ”the woman wrote on Reddit

“Oh, it’s so cute! I’m sure she misses you too,” one man wrote in response.

“Oh how wonderful !! wrote the second person.

Another dog tugged at the soul Reddit users after its owner shared a video with her unique wagging tail.

Reddit user Lolihumper shared a clip with the caption: “My dog ​​howls when I look at her, and stops howling when I don’t howl. (Don’t worry, she has a lot of pets after that). “

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In the video, a lady German shepherd is sitting on the couch, and her owner is standing in the foreground with an empty expression.

The dog greedily wags its tail every time it turns its head towards it, but stops abruptly when it looks away.

She looks at him and waits until he resumes eye contact before tapping his tail on the couch again.

On the couch next to her lies a white cat, perfectly camouflaged, but, unlike the Lady, the cat looks so that she does not care.

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