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The mother “raises four children in her car” because she can’t get a house

Shiker Maher poses in his car

The mother of the survivor said she lives in her car with her four children after finding it impossible to reach house.

Shiker Maher of Ipswich, Australia, has been living in her car with her teenage children for more than five weeks.

The family they say they have remained emotionally and physically exhausted and are also suffering from their trials.

They are desperately trying to find housing, but say the lack of rental property in the area has made them homeless.

Shiker admitted that she did not think of this situation.

During the time they were homeless, Shiker says she has been denied nearly 300 housing applications.

She claims that she was denied almost 300 applications for housing

Before using the car, the mother and her children, 13-year-olds, 15-year-old twins and 18-year-olds, lived with friends for weeks.

But Shiker, a survivor of domestic violence, said the stress of moving constantly was too severe given the size of the family and the fact that most of her friends live in small homes.

Nowadays, they still use friends ’bathrooms to wash.

Shikera says she sleeps in the driver’s seat and her 18-year-old teenager sleeps in the front passenger seat.

Shikeri Maher’s son poses in her car
The family say they have been exhausted and suffering from their trials

Three younger children sleep behind with family belongings.

Because of life in the car, the children had to stop going to school for a while because it was reportedly too difficult for them to concentrate or do homework.

Speaking to the Daily Mail Australia, the mother of four said: “I don’t wish the situation on anyone, not even my worst enemy.

“It’s not a way to live, drive from park to park because we can’t stay in the same place.

Maher's Chicker Machine
They currently use friends ’baths to wash

“The situation is very difficult. We have to hang blankets on the windows of cars at night so that people don’t look in. “

Mom says she has tried to contact rental agencies to find out why her applications are being rejected, but says she has not yet received an explanation.

She says she has the money to pay the bond and rent, which will be about $ 430 (£ 246) a week.

Shiker claims she is not eligible for public housing because one of her children, who was eight at the time, damaged their last home provided by the government in 2012 and she is still paying off the debt.

Meanwhile, the mother and her children are standing in line for crisis housing.

The families offered temporary accommodation in a motel outside the city, but Shakira refused because her children had to go to school and were already paying $ 30 (£ 17) for fuel per night to warm up the car.

Rents in Ipswich are reportedly rising, as in many other Australian cities, and vacancy rates are 0.9% – a historic low.

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