Bug was “looking for Mrs.” away after the draw “Liverpool”.

    Klopp confirmed that his wife Ula was present at the exit of Manchester City Stadium

    Jürgen Klopp showed that he was looking for his “Mrs.” at the exit end Liverpoolfascinating Draw 2-2 from Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium.

    The Reds stay away from the points Pep Guardiola‘s side as two Premier League The Titans shared the loot in Sunday’s bout, which potentially decided the title. Klopp’s side twice withdrew from the league leader City, as goals by Diogo Jotta and Sadio Mane canceled out the shots of Kevin De Braine and Gabriel Jesus.

    After the match, the manager of “Liverpool” rested from the duties of the media and headed for the away end, clearly expressing gratitude for the passionate support of the club. However, Klopp confirmed that he was actually looking his wife as opposed to celebrating a raffle with itinerant Reds believers.

    When investigating his involvement with the club’s fans, the German said: “I was looking for my lady to be honest with you – she was somewhere there. I wanted to make sure she was okay!”

    “It wasn’t to celebrate something [with the fans], it was just to show gratitude, say thank you and go there. The support was incredible again. “

    Klopp later admitted that although he could not find his wife Ulu Sandrock, she was indeed fine. He added: “No, I didn’t find her, but she was there. All is well. “

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    Klopp confirmed that his wife Ula was present at the exit of Manchester City Stadium

    Klopp married Ule’s children’s writer in 2005, and she has been a prominent figure in his life – and career – ever since. It is reported that a social worker “Stopped” her husband from working for Manchester United before moving to Liverpool as well played a crucial role in his decision to improve the contract at Anfield..

    Although his side failed to overtake City in the Premier League standings, Klopp was in a good mood after the match, laughing and joking with the media. Sunday’s draw means Liverpool remain one point behind City, and are left to play just seven league games.

    The Reds ’hopes of regaining the Premier League crown at City remain out of their hands, and Klopp’s team is counting on Guardiola’s team to slip away in their remaining matches. Etihad’s epic encounter has changed little in terms of the Premier League standings, and it still remains that the race for the champion seems to be going down.

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