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Chris Tarrant compares his presentation to “crazy duck”

Chris Tarrant, who wants to be a millionaire

TV legend Chris Tarrant described his style of performance as a “crazy duck” style that he only noticed after seeing Michael Sheen imitate him.

The former Who wants to be a millionaire? The presenter noticed his “weird” manners after watching Shin in his role in the hit drama show “Quiz”.

Shin received an award for his role as WWTBAM presenter Taranto in a show about the scandal with Charles Ingram.

And Tarant said he was stunned to see how awkward he often appeared in the ITV hit series.

Tarrant said of how Shin revealed his persona on screen: “The voice was pretty close and he’s not an Impressionist, he’s an actor.

Chris Tarant described his style of presentation as a style of “crazy duck”

“He got body language – just these weird things I do. for example, when I sit in a chair, I do a kind of Fosbury flop.

“And there’s some point where I’m standing around embracing a contestant when we’re going to move on and I’ve done something with my left arm and leg and it’s like a mad duck.

Michaek Sheen
Shin receives award for role as WWTBAM presenter Taranto in a show about the scandal with Charles Ingram

“It’s all kind of a trick.

“I said to my mistress, ‘Am I doing this?’ And she said, “Yeah, you do it every time.”

Tarrant, who was then a successful host of the TV show and radio “Capital”, almost refused “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”.

He said, “It’s one of those clownish moments in your life. I almost gave up because I was too busy. It was pathetic.

The star traveled around the world, starring in the movie
Chris has traveled the world filming “Chris Tarant: Extreme Railways.”

“I was doing a pilot and I thought it was very good because the format is so perfect.

“We started the series in September for 10 nights and it just went through the roof and then to 120 countries. This is a mass show. I loved it. I liked it. “

The 75-year-old star recently issued a health warning after he suffered a “very terrible” stroke, saying he thought he was suffering from seizures.

The legendary English TV presenter was returning from Bangkok after filming “Chris Tarant: Extreme Railways” when he suffered a stroke on a plane.

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Looking back on his trials, the presenter admitted that this experience prompted him to reconsider his lifestyle.

“In the first year after the stroke my children were horrified. They thought it would happen again, ”he told The Mirror.

“They are wary because they love me to the core and don’t want me to go yet.

“I’ve changed my life a little bit, my lady is very tough on food,” he added.

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