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dnata is further expanding its operations at London Heathrow with a dedicated freight facility

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DUBAI, April 11, 2022 (WAM) – dnata opened a new, modern cargo center at London Heathrow Airport (LHR). Part of the company’s “dnata City East” complex, the custom-built facility further increases dnata’s capacity in the LHR, providing continuous uninterrupted processing of a wide range of goods amid rapidly growing demand for reliable and safe air travel services in the UK.

The expansion of the terrestrial service provider makes dnata City East comfortably the largest cargo handling operation outside the UK’s largest commercial aviation hub. The new 10,500-square-meter facility (Phase II) was designed to work in conjunction with the existing 22,500-square-meter dnata City East facility (Phase I), which opened in September 2019.

dnata will handle all air travel of Virgin Atlantic Cargo and Delta Cargo in dnata City East. Exports will remain at the Phase I dnata plant, while the new Phase II facility will service all imports, offering airlines a significant increase in capacity.

Located directly south of the LHR, both dnata City East facilities have been specifically designed to meet the operational requirements of dnata and the two airlines. These include the latest carbon reduction initiatives in design and operation, including the use of solar photovoltaic panels, air source heat pumps and charging electric vehicles. dnata City East has already reached the BREEAM environmental rating “Excellent” at the design stage, and is expected to receive the same status during construction.

Including dnata City East, dnata now offers freight services from eight LHR facilities with a team of more than 750 highly skilled employees, all of whom provide high-quality cargo handling infrastructure and services to more than 30 international airlines at one of the world’s leading freight companies . directions. In 2021, dnata handled more than 500,000 tonnes of cargo in London.

Alex Duano, Managing Director of dnata UK (Airport Operations), said: “We are pleased to announce the completion of dnata City East, a truly world-class facility. Our latest freight complex offers customized solutions, advanced technology and improved freight. the capacity that supports our customers in achieving sustainable growth at the UK’s busiest airport.

Philip Wardlow, Managing Director of Virgin Atlantic Cargo, commented: “We are excited to open the Dnata City East complex with the completion of the new Phase II facility.

“The opening of the import facility comes at a time when we have extended our cargo handling contract with Dnata for another five years, a testament to our long-standing strong and highly valuable partnership.”

Vishal Bhatnagar, Managing Director of Cargo Operations at Delta Cargo, said: “Our UK cargo operation in partnership with Virgin Atlantic is an important part of our global network. The opening of this Dnata facility contributes to our ability to provide customers with one-stop experience to pick up and deliver supplies to both partners, which makes it easier to do business with us ”.

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