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Prince Andrew: “No one talks to Andrew, except his horse,” – says the author

Andrei has few friends except a horse

Tina Brown, author of the Royal Bestseller Chronicles of Dianasays so far Prince Andrew He used to absolutely hate horseback riding, now he does a lot of it, “because the only person who talks to him is a horse.”

Disgraced Duke, loaded into scandal because of his friendship with a famous pedophile Jeffrey Epsteinaccording to Brown, is a “crowned car for scoundrels.”

Sources at the palace said “ruthless and swift” action had been taken to distance themselves between Andrew and the royal family before he faced a U.S. court to fight the allegations of Epstein’s victim, Virginia Juffrey.

Prince Charles and his son William are believed to have been “instrumental” in the decision, which was “widely discussed” in royal circles.

Andrei has few friends except a horse

In January, Andrew was deprived of military service and royal patronage, and he was forbidden to use His Royal Highness [HRH] royal style in any official capacity.

Earlier this month, he was forced to turn around when – writing on Instagram to his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson – he posted a reflection on his service during the Falklands War and signed a post with the HRH. He later deleted the post.

The Duke of York has ended his seven-month lawsuit to prevent an awkward appearance in a New York court with Financial calculation for 12 million pounds to his accuser Virginia Juffre.

Andrew is increasingly isolated in royal circles
Andrew is increasingly isolated in royal circles

Sources say that no state money was used to finance the settlement. The Times reported that “family money”Was lent to the Duke so that he could leave the matter behind.

“It’s completely grotesque, it’s all about Andrew,” said Tina Brown Daily Telegraph. “Only yesterday someone in the Palace told me how upset it was the queen.

“Honestly, if your kids can kill you, it’s her will. Here is this beautiful elderly woman who chooses all her strength to survive her platinum anniversary, and then this bucket of hardship empties over her family.

It is reported that Andrei still hopes to return to public life. One friend said Andrew still believes he has something to offer, saying: “In the past he has shown that he can contribute a lot. He did many, many things that people seem to have forgotten. ”

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