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Boris Johnson will be fined for violating UK blocking rules

Boris Johnson will be fined for violating UK blocking rules

LONDON – Prime Minister Boris Johnson was told Tuesday that he would receive a fine for violating the Downing Street blockade rules, making him the first official to break the law in vivid memory.

In a statement, the London police said they had found at least 50 violations of the law as part of an investigation into the “party gate” scandal, which caused serious damage to Mr Johnson.

Although police did not name any of those fined, the prime minister’s office later said Mr Johnson and Chancellor of the Exchequer Risha Sunak had been informed that they would receive fixed notices of punishment for breaking the law.

In a statement, police said the investigation into allegations of violations of the Covid blockade rules in Whitehall and Downing Street, a complex of offices and official houses in the heart of the British government, “continues to progress” and that, as Tuesday, he made more than 50 directions for fixed fines ”, the process of collecting the fine without appearing in court.

“The Prime Minister and the Chancellor of the Exchequer have been informed today that the Minsk police intend to issue them fixed notices of fines,” said a statement on Downing Street. Such notices are given when police believe a crime has been committed that resulted in a modest fine and can be challenged in court – although there were no opinions from Downing Street on Tuesday about Mr Johnson’s intention to do so.

Tuesday’s announcement immediately caused a sensation The “party gate” scandal.with the leader of the opposition Labor Party, Cyrus Starmer, demanding the resignation of Mr. Johnson.

More important, however, will be the reaction of lawmakers from the ruling Conservative Party, the only group that could force Mr Johnson to vote no confidence. It would be if 54 of them demanded one.

Although this prospect seemed inevitable earlier this year when the crisis threatened to oust Mr. Johnson from powersince then his political condition has largely rebounded due to the emphasis on the war in Ukraine. Some lawmakers, who have officially called for a vote on Mr Johnson’s future, have withdrawn their inquiries, arguing that now is not the time to replace him.

Yet Mr Johnson is now in an awkward position, being the only prime minister in vivid memory to have broken the laws he created himself. He also denied that the coronavirus rules had been violated, accusing himself of misleading parliament. By convention, this is usually seen as a matter of resignation in British politics.

This week, lawmakers are absent from parliament because of the Easter holidays, a factor that could make it difficult for domestic critics of Mr. Johnson to organize against him.

The Conservative Prime Minister’s position has strengthened in recent days due to the crisis that has gripped Treasury Chancellor Rishi Sunak, a man believed by many to be the prime minister who could take office in the event of a fall. of Johnson. It is noteworthy that Mr. Sunak was also told that he would be fined for the “party gate”.

Even after he was found guilty of breaking the rules, Mr Johnson is still facing further embarrassment because he has promised that after completing a police investigation he will publish an internal government report on parties at Downing Street. An interim version of the document, compiled by senior civil servant Sue Gray, was harmful enough to speed up a police investigation.

Against this backdrop, the Conservatives are facing a test of their popularity in next month’s local election, and the poor outcome will further increase the pressure on Mr Johnson.

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