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Putin “using Nazi propaganda” to deport Ukrainians

A woman holds a child next to Russian soldiers on the streets of Mariupol

Mariupol officials warned Ukrainian civilians ignore Nazi-style leaflets promising them land if they voluntarily deport Russia.

Campaign leaflets entitled “The Far East of Russia is waiting for you!” also promise financial rewards if they move from their own country to Kremlin land.

It is assumed that the papers are used Vladimir Putinmilitary to assist in the forced deportation from the area, the Mariupol City Council said.

Sharing a picture of a leaflet in the Telegram, the council wrote: “First, racists destroyed a warm city in the Sea of ​​Azov, and now people are being driven to Siberia and Sakhalin.”

A Ukrainian woman is holding a child next to Russian soldiers on Mariupol Street

The logos of the Ministry of Development of the Far East of Russia and the Corporation of Development of the Far East and the Arctic are also placed on the pages.

The QR codes at the bottom of each page refer to the official Telegram channels of each department, but the third refers to a page entitled: “Let’s go to the Far East.”

The council then compared the tactics with the strategies used Adolf Hitler during World War II.

propaganda leaflet
The campaign leaflet is distributed to people in Ukraine

They added: “The Nazis also promised a good life in the 1940s when they drove people to work in Germany. But hundreds of thousands found there not golden mountains but humiliation, inhuman humiliation and death.

“History repeats itself. Putin’s ugly logic is now clear. “

The news came after a statement by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky “Tens of thousands of people” were probably killed in Mariupol. after Russia’s alleged use of chemical weapons, torture and executions.

A woman talks to a Russian soldier while people stand in line to distribute food
A woman talks to a Russian soldier while people stand in line at a food service

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Reuters reports that the city was being ruthlessly bombed and destroyed as the bodies of soldiers and civilians were seen in the streets.

The leader of the Ukraine said in a video message to South Korean lawmakers on Monday (April 11th): “Mariupol is destroyed, there are tens of thousands dead, but even so, the Russians do not stop the offensive.”

It is reported that his report confirmed the highest number of Ukrainian citizens killed in one place since On February 24 the war began.

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