Invisible footage of the tunnel demonstrates the disgraceful behavior of Athletic Madrid after full-time employment

    Savich was at the center of the action again

    Cameras in the tunnel of the Wanda Metropolitan Stadium were recorded Athletics Madrid and Manchester City the players clashed on Wednesday night.

    After a rather stale second stage Champions League In the quarterfinals, the draw came to life in the last minutes of the match after a fight broke out after a foul by Phil Foden. Jack Grillish and Stefan Savic also fought, with the latter pulling on the hair of the former Astan Villa the star – the Atletico defender then hit his head Rahim Sterling shortly after.

    But the drama did not stop there, as footage shows that police and club officials had to prevent players from coming to the tunnel. The video shows that Savich should be taken away before replacements Kyle Walker and Saim Vrsalko exchanged words – the right defender of “Athletics” throws a bottle of water and may be spitting at a group of employees and players of “City”.

    BT Sport revealed that police had to rush through the tunnel after Grilish and Savich found each other after the final whistle, and Darren Fletcher said: “Grailish was walking through the tunnel and Stefan Savich caught up with him. Suddenly there was a commotion at the mouth of the tunnel, and people just ran to the area.

    “Two players disappeared from my sight, but very soon after four policemen also stormed the area. I can’t tell you exactly what happened, but Savich was involved again. Grillish was trying to leave the field and it was another very unpleasant incident. It is symptomatic of what we have seen in the last 15 minutes. “

    Former City defender Joleon Lescott continued: “Savich had a problem with Jack in the first match, you can see it’s a personal problem. Something was there. The rest of the Athletics players congratulate the fans while he is in the tunnel. It’s a selfish act. “

    Savich was at the center of the action again

    In the semifinals of the competition, City will meet Real Madrid, which will jump high after the blow Chelsea will be released Tuesday night. Kevin de Braine and Kyle Walker have been forced to leave the field against Athletic, and although the extent of these injuries is unknown, this is certainly a concern in the Etihad Stadium costume.

    But after La Liga’s antics in two quarterfinal matches, Pep Guardiola will certainly be pleased that none of his players received a red card that would have ruled them out against Los Blancos. Speaking about this, Owen Hargreaves said: “I think it’s from Pep. If this team had not been led by Pep, someone would have failed.

    “I’m sure he told them they couldn’t afford red cards. Someone on our team would have thundered if we had played. You feel threatened. Pep told them and they handled it very well. ”

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