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The woman said her partner was “cheating” by discovering something strange in her lingerie

The video in TikTok sparked a discussion

The woman was horrified to find false eyelashes in the laundry basket, which led her to suspect that her man may be deception.

In the clip user TikTok @mrs__divinity remembers how to laundry soap for her partner when she finds something strange and looks more closely.

In the pile of clothes she was sorting through, a concerned friend found a set of false eyelashes that definitely did not belong to her or her partner.

The video has been viewed more than 2 million times since it was uploaded on Sunday (April 9th), and people have debated whether the lashes were a bad sign or an honest mistake.

The video in TikTok sparked a discussion

People who thought there was another woman in it even suggested that she had deliberately put it on the guy’s clothes.

One user said, “She left it there for you, girl.”

The second viewer agreed, adding, “Baby, she was trying to leave you a clue!”

“Girl, in my car I found accessories for girls who were not mine,” – shared a woman with similar experiences.

On the bright side, someone else jokingly said, “Now you need to wash less.”

Eyelashes found in clothes
Eyelashes found in clothes

Meanwhile, trying to find an innocent explanation, another said, “Maybe it just stuck to him, someone just took it off, put it somewhere randomly, and you know I found on my lashes that weren’t mine.”

In the update, she told her followers, “I need to prepare to confront him.

“I’m very worried, I love you all, but we’ll get to the bottom of it.”

This happens after a the woman claimed she was so exhausted after a long shift that she went to bed with her boyfriend and the woman he cheated on her with – people called it “the final step of power”

And another woman did a strange act of revenge on her ex, ripping off his birth certificate, “so he was gone.”

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