The weather in the UK: a hint of a metro film, the May heat

    The Meteorological Bureau hints at the May heat on maps with temperatures above the average annual

    The Meteorological Bureau teased that Great Britainburning the weather may continue in May with another heat on the horizon.

    In recent days, the British were basking in the sun when an explosion occurred over the Easter weekend the hottest day of the yearat 22C recorded at St. James’s Park London April 15.

    Fortunately, it seems that such days in the coming weeks after lowering the temperature this week we will get more such days.

    In its long-term forecast from May 2 to 16, the Meteorological Office states that “temperatures are likely to be above normal.”

    Last Friday was the hottest day of the year

    They add: “The defeat is more sustained, with likely good and dry weather for the rest of the period, although there are still chances of some short periods of unsettled.”

    Network weather Agree that the beginning of May can give a rash. It is said that “in the West, the temperature is likely to be slightly above normal” and “sunlight”. [will be] above the norm in the north-west of Britain ”.

    People like the warm weather on Bournemouth beach
    It is expected that in early May the temperature will be “above normal”.

    The average daytime temperature in London in May is 18 degrees Celsius, which means that in just two weeks we can return to 20.

    Unfortunately, by then everything looks pretty dim as the high-pressure systems responsible for our last summer explosion begin to dissipate.

    Meteorologist of the Meteorological Bureau Marco Petagna said today in a video forecast: “Over the next week, although a lot of good weather is expected, we will start observing an east wind that will maintain the temperature, especially as of Thursday and Friday.

    The Meteorological Bureau hints at the May heat on maps with temperatures above the average annual
    18C should be the highest temperature in the UK today

    “Temperatures [today] generally slightly lower than in recent days, although the southeast is still reaching 18 degrees heat.

    “By the evening in the north and west of the UK there will be rain, with the best clearings in the east and south-east.”

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