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Cyrus Starmer called Boris Johnson “dishonest” when Mark Harper handed the Prime Minister a letter of no confidence through the party gate | Politics news

 Cyrus Starmer called Boris Johnson

Sir Keir Starmer called Boris Johnson “dishonest” and a “joke”, as a senior Tory MP said the prime minister was no longer “worthy” of his role after being fined for the party gate.

When Mr Johnson addressed members of the House of Commons for the first time after metropolitan police fined him for attending his own birthday party in an office on Downing Street in June 2020, the Labor leader said that “the public does not believe not a word is said by the Prime Minister, ”and that partygate“ is not a glitch in the system ”.

This came after former Tory leader Mark Harper told the prime minister that he was “no longer worthy of the great position he holds” and confirmed that he had filed a no-confidence motion against Mr Johnson after he was fined for breaking the law. about the coronavirus.

Sir Keir, whom Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle rebuked for calling Johnson “dishonest”, accused Johnson of enticing “everyone else”.

He also called the prime minister’s apology “half-hearted.”

Reiterating his call for the Prime Minister to resign, the Labor leader called on Conservative MPs to oppose his leader’s actions and “return decency, honesty and integrity to our policies and stop denigrating everything the country stands for.”

Addressing Partygate less than two minutes later in his Commons statement, the prime minister offered a “sincere apology” and confirmed that he had paid the fine.

“My job is to work every day to make the British people safer, more secure and prosperous. I will continue to do so,” he added.

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