Home Uncategorized Johnson apologized to parliament after the “Partygate” fine.

Johnson apologized to parliament after the “Partygate” fine.

Johnson apologized to parliament after the

“If that’s okay, when the prime minister said whatever he wanted to the House of Commons question and then just said, ‘Well, I really thought that was true, and now I realize that’s not the case,'” then there is no de facto mechanism for the House of Commons to hold the government accountable, ”she said.

On Thursday, Mr Johnson will face a vote on whether to transfer his behavior to a formal parliamentary inquiry. With a conservative majority of about 80 seats this is unlikely. But this will lead Conservative lawmakers to declare their support for Mr Johnson – something opponents may use against them in future elections.

On Tuesday, opposition leaders offered a keen anticipation of the attacks.

“Prime Minister who is breaking the law, just stop there,” said Ian Blackford, leader of the Scottish National Party in the British Parliament. “A prime minister who has broken the law and remains under investigation for further violations of the law. Not just a lawbreaker, a serial criminal. If he has some decency, some dignity, he would not just apologize; he would resign. “

Critics are also unimpressed by Mr Johnson’s associates comparing the fine he received for violating the blocking laws to the speeding fine. The prime minister on Tuesday dismissed the comparison.

For critics, the biggest cost of the scandal could be a decline in public confidence in the government. Covid’s restrictions were particularly severe for families with relatives who were hospitalized, where they sometimes died alone without seeing their loved ones. Many of these people have expressed outrage that Mr. Johnson and his colleagues who introduced these rules, did not comply with them.

“In our amazing Constitution, everything depends on the feelings of society,” said Professor Bogdanor. “If the public feels strong enough, it can force the prime minister to resign by writing to his deputies, refusing conservative volunteers to volunteer, and voting in local elections.”

Local elections will be held in the UK on May 5. Perhaps they will be the last test of whether Mr. Johnson will survive this scandal.

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