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Mom says girls earn OnlyFans fortune by “sacrificing minds”

Andrew Derrick

A sex worker who earns up to £ 10,000 a month says young girls on Only fans earn much more than she does – because they sacrifice their minds.

Andrea Derrick spent his 20 years working as a cosmetologist before dramatically changing careers in his 30s.

And she said joining the daring platforms as a more mature woman allowed her to make smart decisions about what she would do and what she would not do for money.

In an exclusive Daily Star interview, she said: “Before I did that, I talked to other girls, and the way they talked, I honestly thought I would make more money than what I have.

“But since then I’ve learned … What are these girls doing? How far do they go?

Mom questioned what young creators are doing to make so much money on exciting platforms

“Some things get pretty crazy and then I understand why they earn up to £ 40,000 a month.

“But these girls are literally doing something all the time. They talk on the phone all the time, all night on the webcam and do it all.

“I want to have a little more life than that. I decided to have a little less money to have a little more mind. ”

A mom who lives in Dallas, Texas, two years ago joined obscene subscription sites, namely Fancentro, to try to give her family a better life.

She now earns much more than her previous salary, while she has a more comfortable work-life balance.

Andrea Derrick
She said the transition to sex work in her 30s helped her make better choices

Andrea said: “My usual day is waking up and going to the gym. I shoot content for my platforms for three to four hours six days a week.

“It can easily become overwhelming, but I block two periods of time to check my posts, I do it in the morning and I do it in bed before bed.

“I also laid it out to my fans so as not to overdo it. It also means I can give them all the attention they deserve when I send them messages.

“Earning what I do now has changed my life.”

But, warning young creators on bright platforms, she added: “If I had done it in my early 20s, I think I would have been like other girls who sacrifice themselves for more subscribers and money.

“After all, this sacrifice never works for you. I take a slightly different approach. “

Andrea Derrick
Now she earns five times more

Last week Andrea showed how men told her she was “too old” to become a successful sex worker.

It happened during a humiliating photo shoot.

She explained: “It was a couple of years ago when I was just starting out and the photographer was doing some videos and photos for me to keep going.

“We talked about business and OnlyFans and he told me I never keep up in this industry.

“I was very shocked when he said it and also the way he said it. It was very rude and I asked about it and he just said I was too old even though I didn’t look at it ”.

Andrea Derrick
She was told she was too old for sex work before using insults as motivation

She added: “He said you need to be 21 to 25 years old to succeed. He was trying to make me feel like I wasn’t meant to be.

“I thanked him for his opinion, decided not to shoot with him and went on. I thought you were wrong and I’ll show you why. “

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