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Ricky Hatton has confirmed his return to the ring and will meet with Marco Antonio Barrera in Manchester

Ricky Hatton will return to boxing this summer

Ricky Hatton returns to the show duel with Marco Antonio Barrera.

The British boxing On July 2, at the Manchester Arena, the legend will perform against the Mexican icon. The 43-year-old Hatan insists that this is not the beginning of a real comeback and that a fight without a decision is just to give a boost to fans after the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Manchester Hero also seeks to inspire people suffering from mental health problems. Hatton has talked about his own battles in the past and hopes that someone who has difficulty seeing him in the ring will help them overcome their problems.

The exhibition bout with the world champion in three vases Barrera will not make a decision and will be part of the party in Manchester, which Hatton described as a “concert night”, and no fighter will “go to the murder”. He said: “I do this for fans who have struggled with closed with Covid.

“I got a call and was asked if I would come back to do it for fans who have been closed during the Covid for years. Covid was tough for me, for everyone. I want to inspire people who have also had mental health issues. They can look at me and say, “He fought, and now look where he is,” so they can do it too. “

This will be the first time Khatan has entered the ring since he lost to Vyacheslav Senchenko in 2012. It was his real comeback, but he insists it’s not a comeback, just an exhibition, not a real fight, and he won’t seek a license from the British Boxing Council.

Meanwhile, Hatan told an old friend Tyson Fury to go back to your box and move the style to break Dillian White this weekend. The Manchester boxing hero became a good friend of Fury and was part of his training team for the 2018 return.

Will you get tickets to see Hatan in action again? Let us know in comments section.

Ricky Hatton will return to boxing this summer

But in his last two fights with Deantay Wilder, the WBC super heavyweight champion got on the front foot and became an aggressive power punch. He used to be known as a nimble who fought for his punch. But former world champion Hatton believes the undefeated Fury should return to that style this weekend if he faces White at Wembley Stadium.

He said: “I’m glad Dillian got his hit, he waited a long time, but now he has. But I believe that Tyson is the best in all departments, he has speed and ability.

“Tyson entertained and turned into Marcian Rocky 6 feet 10 in his recent fights. But I think Tyson should go back to old Tyson a bit and break White. If he goes for it, he gives White a chance. ”

Tickets are available from www.HattonBarrera.com.

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