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Arbrot sends out “the best tweet in history” after losing the title determiner

Arbrot's tweet

Arbroath posted the “greatest tweet of all time” after losing in the Scottish Championship in the 90th minute.

Going into a clash with the first in the table Kilmarnak, Arbroath knew that defeat would end their hopes for an automatic increase in Premier League only one point separates the two sides and another game.

However, a victory would have put them in the pole position, and they started well with a goal in the ninth minute. However, Keeley found two late hits, including a last-minute winner who secured the trophy. While home fans were raving at Rugby Park, Arbroath’s Twitter account simply posted: “F ***”.

The four-letter post, which perfectly summed up the mood at the club, was highly praised by the football community. One of them replied, “The best tweet of all time. Respect the smokes.”

“Best Football Tweet of 2022 #football” and “Tweet of the Year” were echoed by others. “If you miss a goal in the last minute to lose by winning the league [laughing emojis]. A quality tweet, ”one commented.

What is your favorite football tweet of all time? Let us know in comments section.

Their tweet said it all

Another said: “On the list of iconic Scottish football moments.” One of them published: “We must respect the passion of the official Twitter administrator Arbrot.”

“Public professionalism. That’s what fans think, so write about it on Twitter,” one fan told Arbroath. But after receiving complaints, they deleted it from their account.

It was later written, “THANK YOU FOR YOUR AMAZING SUPPORT! One of Arbrot’s biggest and loudest outings! The guys laid out their best and every player of this amazing team has been proud of you all season ».

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