Emily Skye praised for the “honest” bloated belly

    Emily shared a photo after she got the flu

    The fitness star was praised for showing her “real” figure to her fans after feeling unwell.

    The mother of two children, Emily Skye from Australia, explained on Thursday that she had “really severe flu”.

    This meant that the normally active star remained in bed for two weeks in a row.

    She then shared photos of herself in blue and white plaid shorts and a green crop top.

    The outfit bared her normally tucked belly in front of her 2.6 million subscribers, but in the photo her belly seemed to swell.

    Emily signed the photo: “No, not a pregnancy announcement!”

    The mother clarified that she was not expecting another child, but instead the flu affected all parts of her body – even the intestines.

    Emily shared a photo after she got the flu

    Emily said, “I feel like I’m back in first place with my journey to gut healing. I feel so weak and systematically inflamed. ”

    In 2019, a 37-year-old man was diagnosed with bacterial growth in the small intestine, also known as SIBO.

    Doctors found a number of parasites in her stomach.

    Since its discovery, the influential person has worked to eliminate parasites, improving the health of her gut and balancing good and bad bacteria.

    Emily noted, “Before I got sick, I was the strongest in my life and my mental health really started to improve after a while not being great.

    “Getting this disease and the feeling that I have to start all over again is really frustrating. I know that everything can be worse, but everything is relative. “

    In the past, Emily has suffered from bowel problems
    In the past, Emily has suffered from bowel problems

    She also said she was too ill to play sports again.

    Emily continued, “But if I do, I’ll start slow. It will probably take some time and I need to be patient with myself.

    “Perspective and gratitude always help me believe. This does not mean that you have no right to feel upset ** or depressed, it just helps to pull yourself out of this negative place, because being there is not useful at all.

    The fit brunette added that “shit happens” and commented, “I’ll regain my fitness and health, I just need to take it one day at a time.

    “I believe I will be even stronger than I was before and will love myself throughout the process.”

    Usually Emily is very fit
    Usually Emily is very fit

    Emily was praised by millions of fans who said she was very “genuine” and “honest” in her confession.

    One of the subscribers said, “You’re so honest, thank you and get well soon!”

    “Thank you for sharing that sometimes we can look like that and not be pregnant,” added another.

    A third wrote: “Thank you for sharing even your intimate moments.

    “It’s real life and comes from a man like you, whom we’ve all admired and see your whole trajectory here … it’s a strong testimony.”

    Another remarked, “You have no idea how much your posts help, especially on a day when I feel bloated and think, ‘What’s the point of even going to the gym?’ Let’s sit back and procrastinate instead. “

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    Emily of the Gold Coast used to be famous for her honesty.

    She gave birth to her second baby in 2020 and is often sincere and open with her fans.

    Emily even publishes photos of her “wrinkled” belly, “stretch marks” and “loose skin” to prove that no one is perfect.

    Not even our favorite influential people on Instagram …

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