Home Uncategorized Fury lost all of Mayweather’s weight before returning to boxing

Fury lost all of Mayweather’s weight before returning to boxing

Fury lost Floyd Mayweather's weight equivalent before the 2018 return match

Stories of return don’t get much bigger and better than y Tyson Fury.

Two years after stunning the sports world epic frustration of Wladimir Klitschko back in 2015, the Gypsy King took to the air amazing weight 400 pounds. Amid the whirlwind of mental health, Fury gained pounds by switching to booze and drugs, and his life quickly spiraled out of control.

However, two years later, the heavyweight perfectly overcame all sorts of obstacles to complete the most convincing of the comebacks. According to the stunning transformation, Fury dropped a total of 142 pounds Men’s Health UK – the whole weight of one Floyd Mayweather.

Fury’s fame and fortune were thwarted after his historic triumph over Klitschko, which resulted in the Manchester-born brawler becoming a world heavyweight champion after committing one of the biggest setbacks in boxing. In his darkest days then Fury suffered from suicidal thoughts when depression brought him to the brink.

Seeing the scales lean towards the seismic 28 rock, something had to be given away. Enter Ben Davison. Fury turned to the novice coach, who later began to help the heavyweight champion lose weight and proceed to the most unlikely return.

“I ate a lot and drank a lot, and I just stopped it,” Fury said, reflecting on his weight loss in an interview with Joe Rogan. “My weight was gaining excessive drinking.

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Fury lost Floyd Mayweather’s weight equivalent before the 2018 return match

“The pint camp is 500 calories and I drank 18 of them and then whiskey and vodka and then stopped on the way home and ate pizza and kebabs. I used to do a lot of running time and long boxing work like 12-15 rounds on pads .

“When I was losing weight, I was doing shorter, explosive things, doing more interval training. My diet was the most important thing, you can train like a Trojan warrior, but not eat right and do three steps forward and two and a half back.”

As Davison led him forward, Fury took steps to lose weight as he religiously followed a disciplined program developed by his coach. Although Davison knew that Fury trusted him completely, he later admitted that he doubted whether the balloon boxer would ever be able to fight where he had been before.

“People don’t really know how much Tyson did in the beginning,” the rookie coach said. Telegraph. “He was in a bad place. It was very bad. Sometimes I looked away and thought I didn’t know if I could do the job. I really thought so, as did many others.

“He trusted me because everyone asked why he hired me. I had to trust him by leaving the gym at home and pledged to him.

“We made commitments to each other and we found ourselves here. It has been a difficult and long journey, but we are here now. It was a good trip. “

It is attributed that Fury lost about 142 pounds - equivalent to the entire weight of Mayweather
It is attributed that Fury lost about 142 pounds – equivalent to the entire weight of Mayweather

A great return to boxing came in the summer of 2018, when Fury first stopped Sefer Sefer and then defeated Francesco Pianetta by points. Controversial draw with Deantee Wilder in December of that year risked disrupting the return, however Fury performed in a rematch.

The gypsy king slapped the American, dropping him twice before the fight was brought to an end in the seventh round when Wilder’s corner threw in the towel. The third part of the trilogy was released last October The Furies claim further success.

On saturday meeting at Wembley with Dillian White will give the 33-year-old a chance to write another chapter in one of the greatest sporting success stories.

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