I am the best of the executives in negotiations with Caitlin Jenner

    Stacy Solomon was the queen of the jungle in 2010

    Stacy Solomon and Caitlin Jenner It is reported that negotiations are underway to appear in the recently announced Best Of series I’m a celebrity … Get me out of here.

    Bosses are a hit ITV It is believed that the show seeks to protect 32-year-old Stacey, who was crowned queen of the jungle in the regular version of the series back in 2010.

    Understandably, they are also trying to seduce 72-year-old Caitlin, who earned about £ 500,000 for being a camp buddy in the 2019 series.

    The spin-off will take place in South Africa this summer, but will not air until early 2023.

    Stacy Solomon was the queen of the jungle in 2010

    Other celebrities who are believed to be at the top of the ITV search list are frontman Happy Mondays. Sean Ryderex-star Jordi Shore Vicki Patison and a TV cook Gina d’Acampa.

    A regular duo Ant and snow will host a show, which will be filmed in the Kruger National Park, where the Australian version of the program is recorded.

    The Best Of series will not replace the regular version of the show, which will take place as usual later this year and will return to Australia after Covid’s restrictions led to the fact that the last two seasons were filmed at Grich Castle in North Wales.

    Caitlin Jenner appeared in the 2019 series
    Caitlin Jenner appeared in the 2019 series

    Source said The Sun. : “It’s too early, but I’m A Celebrity bosses are trying to bring back the most talked about stars.

    “Stacey and Caitlin have been very valuable in their years and believe that the second time they will look even better.”

    The Best Of version will be similar to the regular series, but will also include new twists in the format, such as camp comrades participating in various internal polls and challenges that will affect their fate in the show.

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