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The UK’s first self-driving bus to hit the road in the next two weeks as part of a rigorous test of AI technology

An undated handout published by Stagecoach about Scotland’s newest bus, which will travel on its own as it becomes the UK’s first full-fledged autonomous vehicle of its kind to hit the road.  Starting Monday, Stagecoach will conduct road tests of its self-driving bus to prepare passengers boarding later this summer.  Release date: Monday, April 25, 2022 Photo by PA.  See the history of PA TRANSPORT Bus.  Credit for the photo should be as follows: Stagecoach / PA Wire NOTE TO EDITORS: This handout may only be used in editorial reports to simultaneously illustrate events, things or people in the image or facts mentioned in the caption.  Additional copyright permission may be required to reuse the image.

The first standalone in the UK robobuses over the next two weeks will hit the road in live trials.

Bus company Stagecoach collaborates with Transport Scotland to test the country’s first full-size self-driving buses in real-world conditions.

Unfortunately, the buses will not be double-decker. Instead, five single-decker buses will run on the 14-kilometer route around Fife and Edinburgh.

Buses use intelligent sensor technology that allows vehicles to drive on selected roads without a driver.

The buses will carry up to 36 people at a time, or up to 10,000 a week.

Stagecoach will release five self-driving buses on the roads of East Scotland

Fortunately, the buses will not be completely left to themselves. They will be staffed by a “safety driver” who will watch the road, and two hands behind the wheel.

The buses will also have a “bus captain” who walks around the bus and asks passengers for feedback on the self-service.

Sam Greer, Regional Director of Stagecoach in Scotland, said: “This is an extremely exciting project for Scotland and we are excited to start live road testing today.

“This is a big step forward in our journey towards the full launch of the UK’s first full-size standalone bus service and provide easy access to a brand new bus route in the heart of East Scotland ”.

Fortunately, there will be a human in the driver's seat, not a real robot (such as TEDD's Call of Duty)
Fortunately, there will be a human in the driver’s seat, not a real robot (such as TEDD’s Call of Duty)

The tests came after Tesla CEO Elon Musk promised that robot taxis would dominate the future of transportation.

During the launch of a new gig factory in Texas in early April, Musk said the company would produce taxis with self-government on a “massive” scale.

He said: “I can say that we will move to a truly massive scale – such as no other campaign in human history has achieved.

“It has to happen to translate the world into sustainable energy. A large-scale, full-fledged authority will be a special Robotaxi that will look pretty futuristic.”

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