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BGT champion Jay McDowell is showing an incredible transformation

Jay McDowall

Britain has talent champion Jay McDowell ten years after winning his grand transformation ITV a talent show – and why he now feels more confident than ever.

The Scottish singer and songwriter won the fifth series of Britain’s Got Talent back in 2011, earning him £ 100,000 and a place to perform at the 2011 Royal Variety Performance.

Jay barely bypassed bookmaker favorite Ronan Park after dazzling the nation with his singing voice, as well as the judges of the time Simon Cowell, Amanda HoldenMichael McIntyre and David Hasselhoff.

After leaving the show Jay was busy with several projects such as touring the UK with his stellar theatrical show Musicals with G4 frontman Jonathan Ansel.

However, some fans may be wondering what the Scottish piece looks like these days, given that more than a decade has passed since it first took the stage to audition for BGT judges.

Jay McDowell impressed the judges in the 2011 Britain’s Got Talent series, and he was later crowned champion

Jay exclusively spoke with Sam Huntley of the Daily Star about nose surgery, loyal fans and why he feels more confident in his appearance.

In 2019, his fans lost consciousness from his epic new look when he appeared on the show Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions in 2019, a moment published in a number of publications at the time.

It turns out Jay was surprised by his friends who wrote him news reports.

Asked if he had seen the comments, Jay replied, “My friends did and sent it to me, saying, ‘Did you see it?’ I. i have a few of these.

“Honestly, it was very nice because I’ve obviously changed a lot over the last ten years, so I said, ‘I’ll take this!'”

Jay McDowall
Jay said his friends wrote to him about the fans after he appeared on BGT: Champions in 2011

Jay said he had to have surgery on his nose to save his singing voice because he was suffering from a severed septum, which made him sick.

The singer severely broke his nose after stepping in to break up a fight at the bar, and he explained that he didn’t like the way his nose looked because it wasn’t like before.

Jay recalled: “I had a bulkhead rejected. Many years ago in a fight in a pub I broke my nose. I was just trying to break it.

“I used to work behind the bar and in this pub. The nose broke, and since then it has been rejected, and it has come to the point that, oddly enough, I went on a cruise and you can’t turn off the air conditioning.

Jay McDowall
Jay used to hate taking pictures of his broken nose, but later he fixed it and feels “great”

“So I was getting really serious all the time and I was thinking,‘ What’s going on? ’I was sick all the time on cruises because I’ve always had it awful.

“I went to the doctor and he said,‘ No, you have a really small partition. You will have to fix it. “

After several meetings with the help of a friend Jay figured out his nose and he said the results were “excellent”.

Jay also used this as an opportunity to do a nose patch as his nose was already broken and he was thrilled with the results and felt it did “miracles” for his confidence.

He used to hate it when people photographed his face from the side when it exposed his broken nose.

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Jay said, “Because I had a broken nose, I didn’t like my nose after that because it wasn’t my nose anymore, it was weird. It sounds really useless! But when I found out I had a rejected septum, I had to get it broken, I thought, “Could you step back a little?” [gestures to the bridge of his nose].

“Yeah, yeah, that was good! And that’s one of those things where it worked wonders for my confidence because I knew my nose was a little curved and crooked. I always hated it when people took pictures from the side. But when- either because I feel good. “

“It was a very pleasant procedure. Obviously I had black eyes for about three weeks and big bandages and stuff, but it’s worth it. ”

Jay let go of his last singlecover of All of Me by John Legend, last summer.

To catch him on a theatrical tour of the UK with Les Musicals, you can visit the website here.

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