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Alex Jones from One Show feels like Sarah Davis


BBC The One Show АLex Jones burst into tears while listening to TV guest and Dragon’s Den star Sarah Davis.

On Wednesday (April 27th) Sarah was welcomed to a BBC show by presenters Alex and Jermaine Jenas, who opened the word to the Strictly star to talk about her new book.

Describing the details of her autobiography, Sarah talked about her parents and how they are proud of her and her work.

When the producers showed a clip of her parents on the screen, Sarah said, “Look at my mom, she’s trying not to get upset – we’re all the same!”

Alex Jones was moved on the show

To which Alexei intervened: “I’m sick, we have a napkin?”

Sarah added, “I remember getting my father to read the first proof of the book at Christmas, he was so emotional and called me every few hours and said, ‘I’ve learned so much, baby.’

“I said, Dad, you were next to every chapter of the book! But he said, “No, but I’ve never seen your life through your eyes and the way you treat things and how it made you the way you are.”

Sarah talked about her new autobiography

“Honestly, it was amazing! You will like it, ”she told the owners.

She also revealed that she drew inspiration from the autobiographies of other Dragon’s Den stars.

Sarah explained how she took what she learned from their lives, and applied it to her own when she grew up.

She continued, “I read all of the Dragon’s autobiographies and studied them, thinking they would tell me how to do business.

Sarah can’t wait for fans to read her new book

“However, I read Duncan Bennatine’s book and thought you knew he was a normal guy.

“He didn’t grow up with a silver spoon in his mouth, he just had a really big dream and a lot of drive, it was called Anybody Can Do It and I look at what influenced me in a young girl in I was 20 and I thought that if I could touch the lives of a few people, it would be a legacy ”.

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