Thomas Cook warned Britons traveling to Spain about drinking

    The number of drinks per person is now limited

    Thomas Cook issued a serious warning to the British on the eve of their all-inclusive. holidays – which will allow us to see that tourists will have limited alcohol consumption Spain.

    This is happening at a time when the government of the Balearic Islands is trying to deal with the British who drank so that they do not cause chaos after an unlimited number of drinks at the resorts.

    Many vacationers choose to book all-inclusive so that they can have a drink during the day and continue their machinations until night in places for parties.

    But now the British will be limited to six drinks a day, which can be drunk only with lunch and dinner, offering them only three drinks per meal.

    The controversial rule was in effect in Magaluf, Mallorca and some areas of Ibiza, which upset Britons who were waiting to drink by the pool.

    The number of drinks per person is now limited

    Thomas Cook warned his customers during updates of their package holidays.

    The e-mail read: “Please note that the Government of the Balearic Islands has issued a decree on a new restriction on all-inclusive nutrition.

    “A person can be served a maximum of six alcoholic beverages a day, and these drinks will only be served during lunch and dinner (3 each).

    “Note that in Magaluf, El Arenal, Playa de Palma in Mallorca and San Antonio in Ibiza, there are new all-inclusive restrictions.”

    Thomas Cook has released an update for his clients
    Thomas Cook has released an update for his clients

    The Balearic Islands government has also stopped pubs in pubs, selling alcohol in shops from 9.30pm to 8am and advertising party boats in some areas.

    The Minister of Tourism of the Balearic Islands, His Negeruel, said earlier: “We want British tourists – we do not want this type of tourism.

    “British tourism is necessary for our islands. We share with the British government the view that some images of British tourists are confusing.

    “We want to put an end to bad behavior. We will increase the presence of the police in these areas and the number of inspectors – we will have zero tolerance for tourist excesses. “

    Thomas Cook drew attention to government restrictions
    Thomas Cook drew attention to government restrictions

    Thomas Cook told the Daily Star: “In some areas of the Balearic Islands there are some restrictions on alcohol consumption.

    “We want our customers to be aware when they book.”

    And the ABTA Tourism Association said it “strongly supports initiatives that improve the health and safety of vacationers as well as the well-being of local communities.”

    The spokesman added: “ABTA will continue to work with the Balearic Islands government, ABTA members and others to encourage clear communication and information exchange to ensure that vacationers traveling to hotels in designated areas enjoy a positive experience for customers.”

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