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ASAP Rocky has hidden messages with her mother behind Rihanna


Rihanna A $ AP Rocky’s boyfriend was outraged by claims that he was secretly sending messages to his British mom.

It is alleged that the 33-year-old American rapper, who is expecting his first child from the 34-year-old singer, Instagram messages to the mother of three children Gilly O’Donnell, 45 years old.

Gillie, who lives in Devon, claims that the American hitmaker even offered her to fly Ukrainebefore the Russian invasion, meet with the rapper.

Talking to The sunthe British mom claims that A $ AP originally sent her three messages within 10 hours but received no response.

She revealed that she eventually decided to respond to the artist, the Grammy owner, after her daughters explained who he was.

A $ AP Rocky was shocked by reports that he sent a message to 45-year-old British mom behind Rihanna’s back

Gilly, a board instructor, revealed that the couple exchanged more than a dozen messages.

She told the publication: “I honestly had no idea who he was, I saw that there was a blue tick in his name on Instagram, so I asked my daughters. They told me it was Rihanna’s guy, and found it hilarious.

“He has millions of Instagram followers, so God knows why he decided to write me a message.”

Earlier this year, Rihanna announced she was pregnant with a baby from ASAP

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Responding to an alleged A $ AP offer in Ukraine, Gillie told the singer to fly to the UK to meet with her.

She claimed he responded by telling her that he had “just arrived” in Ukraine and was “freezing my damn eggs” while at the same time telling her how beautiful the gym was where he stayed.

The mother of three said she told him in response, “I wish we could work.”

The couple was recently involved in charges of treason

This comes after Rihanna and A $ AP were recently noticed the reunion after the rapper was accused of treason.

A source linked to both stars had previously said the rumors were “100% false”, adding to TMZ that the allegations “1 million percent are untrue. They’re fine.”

Rihanna and A $ AP have been together since 2020 and have announced that they are expecting their first child earlier this year.

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