Jamie Wallis, a Tory MP from Bridgend, is accused of not stopping after a car accident | Politics news

     Jamie Wallis, a Tory MP from Bridgend, is accused of not stopping after a car accident |  Politics news

    Tory MP Jamie Wallis has been charged with failing to stop and drive without proper attention and attention after a car crash last November, South Wales police said.

    The MP from Bridgend is due to appear before Cardiff Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday, May 10th.

    Last month, Mr Wallis announced he was trans and he was diagnosed with gender dysphoria.

    Speaking on Sky News Ridge on Sunday in an exclusive interview last week, the Conservative MP said he hoped to begin the transition process “as soon as possible” and welcomed the “incredible support” he has received since his release.

    Mr Wallis acknowledged that the transition process would be “difficult and difficult” with “many obstacles”, saying: “It will not be done overnight, it will take many, many years”.

    But he added, “I think now that I’m gone and people know I’m free to start this and actually go on this journey at a pace that suits me.”

    Asked why he feels like a woman, Mr Wallis said: “I have gender dysphoria … it’s a medical diagnosis needed for legal gender reassignment, but it’s also a condition that describes a lack of reconciliation. Between how you look and what your body says and how you feel inside. ”

    Mr Wallis, who said he still prefers the pronouns he and he now, said he had felt this way for “a very long time”.

    He said he spent a lot of time trying to hide who he was and “sort of run away from it” without letting people know how he felt.

    “I just remember being really scared,” Mr. Wallis said.

    The Conservative MP also described an important moment when he realized that he was not alone and that other people experienced similar things with him.

    “About a year ago, maybe about six or eight months ago, one day I woke up and realized that I wasn’t really ashamed of it anymore.

    “That’s who I am, that’s what I want, and in fact I’ve been waiting a long time to feel it.”

    Following his statement, MPs from across the political spectrum, including Boris Johnson, said his message “would require tremendous courage” for his courage.

    Mr Wallis won his seat in December 2019, managing to oust Madeleine Moon from the Labor Party, which has held the constituency for 14 years.

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