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Megan Barton Hanson wants to change her bad reputation


The island of love Megan Barton Hanson She wanted to change her persona in reality TV, says one MTV star.

28-year-old Megan is currently filming in “Ex On The Beach” and would like to look different than her scandalous The island of love to stop.

Theo Campbell spoke exclusively with the Daily Star about his upcoming fight at MMA Celeb, but also a bit about his experience with ETOB and fellow stars.

The star said: “Love Island was a laugh – I just messed around and I just went there to entertain myself and everyone else. Ex On The Beach was not, it was personal, a lot of people there spent one night standing, but I had real relationship.

Megan wanted to change her reputation, her colleague says

“It was bad to be there, and I ended up having most of the ex and also a bit of romance, so it was hardcore and every day I had problems, it was my favorite show.”

During a poll about his beloved Megan Daily Star, he revealed that it is completely different from what some fans can expect.

He added: “Megan, she was ordinary in fact, she is quite shy and timid, she is not very controversial and does not get involved in something.

“She really was a cool girl. She wanted to look just as different as she did on Love Island – she feels that her reputation on Love Island wasn’t great, so she wanted to show people that she’s a cool girl.”

She is currently filming in “Ex On The Beach”.

Asked if he would ever meet Megan, Theo dismissed the idea and said he would “never go there”.

“No, I would never go there, Loki (James Locke) – my boy, I’m not the type to get along with my ex-friends.”

But would he be willing to jump on the step of mega Megan Only fans success?

He added, “Uh, no, I can’t do that … Yeah, I get weird messages and requests, but it makes me feel the opposite of sexuality, like people ask me for pictures of my legs, and that, ugh, imagine a large size 13s …

“I’m not for everyone, you know …”

Theo is now unable, but has remained partially blind forever

The Celeb MMA Tournament, in which Theo is taking part, will take place at the OVO Arena at Wembley in London on June 24, 2022.

Speaking about his upcoming fight at MMA Celeb, he said: “The odds are in my favor, even if I have the disadvantage that I am partially blind in one eye, it didn’t bother me too much in training as I learned to adapt and focus in one eye. “

Other celebrities who will fight at night will include Aislin Horgan-Wallace, Carl Woods, AJ Bunker and James Ingleshill.

To get tickets to Theo’s battle and register an interest, visit here.

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