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Sheikh Zayed Book Prize to Collaborate with SOAS University in London to Enhance Cultural Dialogue

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ABU-DABI, April 28, 2022 (WAM) – Sheikh Zayed Book Prize (SZBA) at the Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Center (ALC), part of the Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism (DCT Abu Dhabi), is designed to collaborate with the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) at the University of London in a series of four webinars that will explore ways to enhance intercultural exchange and collaboration.

The online events, which will take place on April 28, May 12 and 31 and June 14, 2022, will be led by Wen-Chin Wyang, Professor of Arabic and Comparative Literature at SOAS University in London, and will participate in the SZBA Winners and Nominees shortlisted as well as experts in writing, publishing and translation.

The sessions will discuss the role that translation plays in the development of dialogue in the literary and creative spheres, as well as the presence of Arabic literature in Western culture, explore ways to spread Arab culture on a larger scale. They also shed light on the importance of presenting literary and creative works that make you think in the field of children’s literature, as well as exploring ways to overcome barriers to accessing and publishing research materials.

Collaboration with SOAS is the latest in a series of partnerships founded by the Sheikh Zayed Book Prize, with respected cultural and scientific institutions that promote the award internationally and enhance its reputation among intellectuals, scholars and writers around the world.

Dr Ali bin Tamim, SZBA Secretary General and ALC Chairman, said: “Sheikh Zayed’s Book Prize is proud to partner with SOAS, a prestigious academic institution that has made great efforts to highlight the region’s unique and rich Arab culture and translate its most creative literature into a variety of creative literatures. living languages. These webinars will address issues and topics relevant to our organizations, covering areas such as translation, intellectual property rights, and the importance of creating engaging and relevant content for young people. understanding and openness to other cultures, while noting the features that distinguish them. “

Professor Wen-Chin Ouyang is a Professor of Arabic and Comparative Literature at SOAS and a member of the SOAS Center for Cultural, Literary and Postcolonial Studies. She is also a member of the Scientific Committee at the Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Center. She was shortlisted for the 2014 Sheikh Zayed Book Prize in Arabic Culture in Other Languages ​​for her book The Poetics of Love in an Arabic Novel: Nation-State, Present and Tradition, which offers research on contemporary Arabic literature and has been published by Edinburgh University Press in 2013.

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