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O’Sullivan’s “outrageous” pot welcomes the championship shot

The pot left O'Sullivan on a hard black - which he also potted

Ronnie O’Sullivan surprised fans at The Crucible on Friday afternoon with a lovely long pot on the red when he opened the scoring over John Higgins.

The two legends started Friday’s session at The Crucible with a score of 4-4 World Cup semifinals, and in the first four frames there was no given quarter as the result was 6-6. However then, “The Rocket” returned from the mid-session interval at its best.

Six-time champion O’Sullivan made three frames in a row and took a 9-6 lead, but Higgins seemed set up for some respite when he took control of the next one. However, “The Wizard of Oz” missed the usual black to capture the issues – meaning that O’Sullivan could force Black to re-nominate if he demanded all 51 points left on the table.

Having identified one-red black combination, he then found himself on another red but in a difficult situation. He not only needed to make a long pot, but also return to white at the same end of the table and take a position on the black ball, which was pushed against the pink.

The BBC commented that it would be a “picture of the championship” when O’Sullivan managed to produce the goods. One way or another, despite a light kiss from Black, he put in his efforts called “outrageous”.

This left him in a hard corner, but he spoke properly before moving on to what he needed to force a re-seat. The agony for Higgins continued when he missed the first big chance in a sudden death, and O’Sullivan didn’t need an invitation to open the 10-6 advantage.

Is Ronnie O’Sullivan the greatest snooker player of all time? Let us know in comments section.

The pot left O’Sullivan on a hard black – which he also potted

Meanwhile, Eurosport expert Alan McManus said: “Red and black are the two best shots I’ve ever seen at the World Cup against each other.” Fans on Twitter were also generous in praise, @Ido_Shamriz posted, “Stop it, Ronnie! It’s absolutely ridiculous!”

@ jacran001 added: “Dear God, the rocket is incredible. Silent”, while @KhurrumRahman wrote: “Long red. It pushes on the black and then to clamp the frame on the black again. When it is turned on, the rocket operates on a different level ».

That put him in seven frames from the final against Judd Trump or comrade veteran Mark Williams. If the 46-year-old O’Sullivan wins at Sheffield, he will equal Stephen Hendry’s record of seven world titles.

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