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Hungry bear rips cars to get lip gloss inside after it attracts its scent

Consequences of bear invasion

Gluttonous bear tore up two cars in Colorado – in an attempt to achieve the lip gloss that remained inside.

In search of a possible source of food, the bear was tempted by the smell of lip gloss and broke into vehicles on Friday, tearing the seats to pieces and leaving items inside in a mess.

The incident was after reported in Colorado Parks and Wildlife, which went on Twitter to warn the public.

They wrote: “Bears know how to open car doors. There was no food / garbage inside, but there was lip gloss. Its scent was enough to entice the bear to check it out. Do not allow unwanted guests into your cars by closing the door and removing anything with the smell.

Consequences of bear invasion

According to local media, non-food items were left in cars including sunscreen, lip balm, creams and air fresheners can entice bears to try to break into the vehicle.

Bears are known to even break into homes, destroying furniture and other interiors in search of a food source.

Following the incident, wildlife urged residents to keep any attractors safe – and stressed that bears should not eat from containers, feeders or other food sources provided by humans, around homes and businesses.

The bear was clearly voracious
The bear was clearly voracious

“Every time a bear gets a treat, a bird feeder, a hummingbird feeder or garbage, it teaches the bear that people mean food,” said Mark Lamb, Colorado’s manager of parks and wildlife.

He continued: “People who think it’s one time, no big deal, are absolutely wrong. It’s a big deal if you combine this “once” with how many “one-time timers” they also get from your neighbors. It adds. “

The organization has received reports of bear activity this year alone in 16 counties, a press release said.

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