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Arsenal: Aaron Remsdale mocks Rob Holding for hair transplant

English defender

Arsenal fans were hysterical after Aaron Rumsdale’s wild comments about an alleged hair transplant to his teammate during his post-match interview on Sunday.

Rob Holding opened the score against West Ham – his first Premier League purpose. However, this did not save him from Ramsdell’s bold comments after the game as he focused on the lack of heads and hair features.

Holding told Sky Sports: “I mean I scored a few Carabao Cup goals, it’s nice to score my first goal in the Premier League, and hopefully I’ll be able to build on that and get more. “But the Holding could hardly finish, as Rumsdale said:” It took just six years and a new line of growth. “

One of the fans joked: “Definitely exposed my teammates. One day he even commented on the massive head of Tamias. “

“He should not have violated the Holding so much,” added another. A third added, “It’s outrageous to talk live!”

However, not everyone was impressed by the comments: “A moment of pride for Rob Holding and Rumsdel should spoil him with unnecessary comments. What a contemptuous man he is. ”

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On Sunday, the Holding scored its first goal in the Premier League

Arsenal are back in Champions League places with victory over hammers after Tottenham white Leicester earlier in the day.

The holding added: “Sometimes it will touch and go. If we can control what we do, that’s all we can worry about. We will need everyone for that, including staff.”

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