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Tom Parker’s wife held the hand of The Wanted star when he died

Tom Parker

Tom Parker Kelly’s widow told how she held her husband’s hand when he died.

Singer Tom is wanted tragically died at the age of 33 after battling brain cancer, after being diagnosed with stage 4 glial disease in October 2020.

The pop star doctors were given only 12 months to live and he died surrounded by his family and colleagues while they were listening to the hit Oasis Live Forever.

Said Kelsey Sun on Sunday she was the last one next to her husband and that it was “beautiful to the end”.

She said: “It was just love. There was so much love in that room and it was just us. It was me and him and it was just wonderful.

Tom Parker’s wife Kelsey said she was last next to The Wanted star when he passed by

“We had music playing in his room all day, it was his life and it was his passion. Played Live Forever by Oasis. He was asleep, and I held his hand.

“Everyone was in the hospice, our whole family and friends, but only I was in the room with him. We spent this time together. “

Tom’s wife insisted that the singer was not hurt when he passed, and that she told their two-year-old daughter Aurelia that she would make sure the angels took care of her father.

The star spent the last days at St. Christopher’s Hospice in South London, where Kelsey stayed with him all the time.

Tom Parker
In October 2020, Tom Parker was diagnosed with stage 4 tumor

Kelsey recounted a special time she spent with her husband before his death, which she called “romantic”.

She said: “I went to bed with him. We were in bed together for two hours, I just wanted to have that time with him. I didn’t want anyone to come in. We needed time together to talk.

She explained that he “absolutely worshiped the land I walked on” and that a week after entering the hospice he was “still trying to find a way out” of his illness.

Kelsey Parker
Tom and Kelsey shared two children, Aurelia, two years old, and Bodhi, one

She continued, “I said,‘ You know, Tom, I’m going to be fine, the kids are going to be fine. I make sure all you want them to know is why you have taught me over the years, I promise to teach them everything.

“He said, ‘I know you’re going to be fine.’ Then he took off his wedding ring and put it on my finger. “

Kelsey insisted that Tom was still “fighting” in him to the end, and at the funeral she described him as her “soul mate.”

Tom left behind two children, Aurelia, two years old, and Bodhi, one.

Max George
Tom Parker’s funeral with the stars was attended by his bandmates such as Max George [pictured]

The singer blinded fans when he joined his friends on the band Wanted on their recent tour – including Max George, Jay McGuinness, Siva Kaneshwaran and Nathan Sykes.

Unfortunately, Tom’s illness worsened after the tour, and Kelsey said his condition had gone “downhill”.

Tom’s funeral took place on April 20, during which Champagne Supernova by Oasis was played in the street while carrying Tom’s coffin.

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When she confirmed the news, Kelsey said: “We confirm with the hardest heart that Tom passed away peacefully earlier today with the whole family.

“Our hearts are broken. Tom was the center of our world and we can’t imagine life without his infectious smile and energetic presence.

“We are truly grateful for the outpouring of love and support and ask everyone to unite so that the light of Tom continues to shine on his wonderful children.”

She later thanked everyone who cared for Tom during his battle with cancer.

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