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Candice Kloss asks the men to take an IQ test on their first date

Candice calls herself a scientist and a mathematician

The model said that on the first date she asked the men to take an IQ test.

Candice Clossfrom New York, USA, asks men to take intelligence tests, and if they do not pass, refuses to see them again.

The model has previously hit headlines because she claims that men find her brain ability “scary”.

And she is willing to go to any lengths to find a suitable man for her.

Candice, who works a Only fans model and has 108,000 followers on Instagram, @candicekloss says she doesn’t want to “spend time” on “idiots”.

So even if there is a spark, she will not date anyone who does not pass the IQ test.

Candice calls herself a scientist and a mathematician

Candice, who has been a member of Mensa since she was 17, explained: “I want to make sure you go with them on a second date.

“There are a lot of men who are attractive, but if they are unreasonable, it affects good looks.

“How can you enjoy time with someone if you can’t connect through a conversation?”

Anyone who passes will be able to spend more time with the blonde beauty, but should be aware of current affairs and be able to entertain her with their knowledge of mathematics, finance and science.

She said: “Some people still keep up with current events that could be the opposite.

– It is attractive when someone quickly understands things, as well as emotional intelligence and intelligence.

Those who pass will still have to stay on their game A
Those who pass will still have to stay on their game A

Candice continued, “Behavioral economics is my favorite subject, but it’s a lot of fun to hear someone say that they have experience and enthusiasm.

“I grew up a great scientist and mathematician and still love math.”

Candice, who dropped out of university to focus on her OnlyFans career, is almost considered a “genius” by Mensa standards.

According to the IQ scale, a score of 120-140 is classified as “very high intelligence”, while anything above 140 is considered “ingenious”.

Candice scored 136 points, which means that she is in the top 2% of the population in intelligence, but does not quite reach the level of Einstein.

The model noted that her guys should be above average when taking the test.

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She said: “They should be above average on the scale.

“You don’t have to be a mathematician, but you have to be able to have a conversation and be exceptionally smart on at least one subject.

“I’m attracted to smart (book, but also street) men who have a good sense of humor, adventurous, straightforward and fun.”

Candice argues that men often underestimate her intelligence because of her career and beauty – but she doesn’t care.

Candice said, “It’s best to underestimate me first – I like to prove men wrong.”

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