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Putin will declare invasion of Ukraine a war next week – expert

Putin first described the invasion of Ukraine as "special military operation"

Vladimir Putin officially declare their invasion with Ukraine war next week, according to the former British Army commander.

When troops first entered Ukraine in February, the Russian president declared it “special military operation ”.

General Sir Richard Barons, a former Allied commander, now believes Putin will use the annual Victory Parade in Moscow next Monday (May 9) to change the narrative.

The celebration of Victory Day on Red Square is celebrated by the Soviets World War II triumph over the Nazis.

This year, given that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine seems to be a protracted and attractive conflict, Sir Richard believes Putin is rebranding it into a “war” to allow him to make more use of young recruits. Daily Mirror.

Putin first called the invasion of Ukraine a “special military operation”

He said: “It gives a different legal basis Russia for maintaining the current cycle of conscripts and deploying other reserves and taking other measures.

“In essence, it is preparing Russia for what will turn into a long, protracted war in Ukraine that will be more about annexation than anything else.”

Sir Richard also predicted a stalemate in the Donbass as Ukrainian and Russian forces fight.

Sir Richard Barons believes that Putin will declare the conflict a "war" next Monday
Sir Richard Barons believes Putin will declare conflict “war” next Monday

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“The most likely outcome is a stalemate, which could force Russia to stop, or if it still has a lot of resources, I think it will turn its attention to capturing more territory in the south,” he told the BBC.

“There is a very tough fight and it is fruitless. The Russians made some progress, but the Ukrainian military counterattacked and recaptured territory elsewhere.

“It simply came to our notice then.

Sir Richard believes that Putin will declare the conflict a "war" next Monday
Russian troops first entered Ukraine on February 24

“On the other hand, the ability of the Ukrainian military to obtain these heavy weapons, especially artillery from the United States and Germany, to defeat these attacks and fight Russian artillery.

“It’s very difficult to name what it will turn out to be.”

Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine Igor Zhovko insisted that Ukraine “clearly wins the battle of Donbass.”

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