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The minister says local elections will not decide Johnson’s fate

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International Trade Minister Anne-Marie Trevelyan has dismissed speculation that Thursday’s local election is a referendum on the prime minister.

Asked by Sky News whether the May 5 results would affect whether Boris Johnson will remain at number 10, Trevelyan said: “No. Because, as I say, elections to local councils … Oh, this is not a broad reflection, you do not imagine … ”

When the issue of potential protests against conservative candidates was raised, she replied: “Well, sometimes you understand that, but you are not able to see it in general because they are not all elections in most places.

“As I said, 12 years in government you get, as you describe it, sometimes a protest vote. That is the beauty of democracy. “

A recent poll count reported this morning Telegraph, claims the Conservatives could lose 550 seats, the party’s worst performance in local elections since the 1990s. The poll says the Tories may lose control of the Wansworth and Westminster councils, as well as with Southampton, Barnet, Terroc and Newcastle-under-Lyme. The poll says Labor can get more than 800 seats and control 16 councils.

On the question of what, in her opinion, will look like a successful outcome,

Trevelyan told Sky News: “I think that, as always, in the local elections we will win some, we will lose. In any case, this is the nature of the beast.

When specifically asked about the potential for losing 550 seats, she explained: “I’m not close to the exact details, but I expect us to win and lose, which would be normal and expected, but I think we’ll see a really strong manifestation from voters -conservatives who want to go out and demonstrate that they know that local councils run by conservatives are better. ”

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