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Starmer avoids questions about the collection at Beergate.

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Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer said Durham police had not contacted him in connection with a re-investigation into a rally in the city last April.

Interviewing the event on Good Morning Britain on ITV earlier today, Starmer explained: “No. I think they are [Durham Constabulary] a statement was issued last week stating that they were not conducting a re-investigation. They didn’t talk to me. “

Sir Keir said he “followed the rules very carefully”.

In his broadcast only yesterday, Starmer three times refused to say whether he had recently been contacted by police regarding the incident.

Starmer was accused of breaking Covid rules after drinking beer at the local Durham Labor office after 10pm on April 30, 2021.

Covid’s rules at the time were emphasized that such internal political meetings were only legally permitted and “reasonably necessary” for the campaign.

The The sun The newspaper also claims that a group of Labor ordered enough food at a local curry house to feed 30 people.

In this morning’s interview, Starmer avoided questions about how many people attended the meeting, saying, “Let me take this in mind. We were, I think, a few days before the election last year, so four or five days before the election, that is, like today I am every day on the road with my team, we go to different places as soon as I go from here, I I get on the train to Wakefield, at this time last year was no different.

“Across the country, going to the areas where it was necessary to campaign. In the afternoon we visited, agitated, walked the streets, knocked on doors wherever we could.

“In the evening we prepare, do everything that the team should do on the go.

“This included when we were in Durham, doing works on camera, making media slots, doing training,” he continued.

In February, Durham police said Starmer had not broken the rules, but new calls had emerged for an investigation after Scotland Yard fined the prime minister and chancellor £ 50 respectively after his birthday on Downing Street.

Richard Holden, a Conservative MP from the neighboring Northwest Durham constituency, called for a new investigation into the incident after he said there was evidence that the local party held a quiz and social media that day.

Last week Daily Mail published a “six-page dossier” stating that Labor now admits that Deputy Speaker Angela Reiner was too present at the event, despite having previously stated she was not.

A Labor spokesman told the newspaper that inconsistent statements about the meeting were an “honest mistake”.

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