X Factor Shanaya Atkinson-Jones is unrecognizable after the ITV show


    One X-factor The star, who brought the judges to tears on the ITV show, looks completely different five years after her incredible audition.

    Shanaya Atkinson-Jones surprised Nicole Scherzinger when in 2017 she performed a stunning performance of the song Say Something by A Great Big World, which was only 19 years old.

    She was instantly recognizable by her sharp appearance, wearing a burgundy flabby velvet jacket and black skinny jeans for a solo song, and her dark curls framed her face with a stunning halo.

    Although she impressed fans across the country, Shanaya was excluded from the Sharon Osborne Six Chair Challenge program – although she released her debut single, a cover of the song Say Something, just a day later.

    In an interview with ChronicleLive during its release, she explained: “I like the song because I really get to the bottom of it.

    The star became famous in the 2017 series

    “My strongest costume is my ballads, because I like to give a lot of emotion in my performances, so it’s the perfect song for my single.”

    Now 24 years old Shanaya has a completely different look.

    She regularly updates her subscribers on social media about her life and regularly publishes incredible pictures.

    She brought Nicole to tears

    The star tries to wear her brunettes in smooth hairstyles to the waist and chooses different fashion options – in the last picture she shows her in a black T-shirt decorated with silver diamonds, and black and white. striped blazer.

    The ensemble was completed by a white leather clutch bag, and Shanaya wore a mass of chunky silver rings that shone in the sunlight.

    “Waiting for cocktails,” she signed the photo.

    Now it looks completely different

    After her life-changing audition, Shanaya also talked about her fight against fibromyalgia – which, according to the NHS, is a long-term disease that causes pain throughout the body.

    Placing the photo in a wheelchair, rocking a black and white jacket and a leather jacket, she explained to her fans, “Hey guys, okay, so I wasn’t completely honest with all of you.

    “I have been very ill since August 2020, the reason is that I have not written for a long time. I had a variety of symptoms, including the most excruciating pain (chronic pain) all over my body from head to toe, to the point that I couldn’t do the simplest things in life that I took for granted, such as combing hair or make yourself a cup of tea or even take a walk.

    She has tried many different hairstyles

    “Hence the wheelchair. Another symptom is chronic fatigue (fatigue). All I do is sleep because the pain is so debilitating that it drains all my energy, so I don’t post any singing videos.

    “So this is my first photo in circles, dressed in my pajamas (lol, it took a lot of effort to do makeup).

    “Anyway, I could talk about what my symptoms are, but I won’t, it will take all day, but I went through receptions, blood tests and scans to finally conclude that in a nutshell, I have fibromyalgia . Excellent. If there are any updates, I’ll let you guys know. Thanks for taking the time to read this. ”

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