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Chinese scientists are creating horrible superdrons

Drones can dodge obstacles at high speeds

Experts praised the Chinese scientists to develop supersonic drones which can be mobile enough to hunt people in packs on difficult terrain.

An innovative invention revived science fiction by bringing an antenna robots together that can successfully rush through obstacles without breaking.

A team from Zhejiang University has released incredible footage of 10 light drones being shot as they deftly move between trunks, uneven ground and tangled branches.

Drones can conduct such efforts using an algorithm and drawing the environment in real time.

The system also scans obstacles and can adjust the trajectory of the flight in response, reports The Telegraph.

According to experts, the flight plan is updated every few milliseconds, as it takes into account collision avoidance, swarm coordination and flight efficiency.

Drones can dodge obstacles at high speeds

The equipment can be used in areas with low satellite penetration, including deep cave systems and planets, as it does not need a GPS signal to identify itself.

Such abilities can allow you to explore remote wildlife or hunt for survivors in disaster areas, which is usually considered a struggle for navigation.

The experiment showed that a swarm can track a human target when it makes its way through a clump of trees. Technology has managed to keep the focus, even when it is hidden behind a sheet to protect it from the cameras.

Drones can hunt in flocks
Drones can hunt in flocks

Referring to the breakthrough in the journal Science Robotics, the researchers said: “The ability of swarms to navigate and coordinate in these films has attracted and inspired many researchers. Here we are taking a step forward towards such a future.”

According to New Scientist Dr Jonathan Aitken of the University of Sheffield, British robotics experts have praised the work:

“Combining this with additional successful navigation and obstacle avoidance and, most importantly, other members of the swarm is a great achievement.”

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