London Elections 2022: Haringa focuses on key facts, big issues and political make-up

    London Elections 2022: Haringa focuses on key facts, big issues and political make-up


    others head to polls on Thursday choose your own tips.

    Here, the Standard addresses serious issues, key facts and political background in Labor Herrings.

    Key issues

    Labor has promised to increase investment in children’s centers and libraries in the area and build 3,000 pre-season apartments over the next decade when they return to power.

    His manifesto also commits to using council funding to upgrade homes to make them low-carbon, and to ensure that 50 percent of new homes will be “really affordable”.

    The Liberal Democrats, meanwhile, are campaigning for a commitment to abandon the controversial burning in Edmonton and cancel the modernization of the council’s office worth £ 54 million.

    The party also promised to put “locals at the center of decision-making”, abandoning the decision-making model of the head of the council and the cabinet.

    The Conservatives have said they will work with police to curb gangster violence in the event of an election, and freeze the council tax until 2026.

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    42 out of 57 Haring seats were won by Labor in the 2018 election, meaning the party retained its long-running series of control over the council. However, one of them later resigned to sit as an independent.

    The remaining 15 seats went to the Liberal Democrats, concentrated in the western half of the district.

    The leader of the council is Captain Peray Ahmet, who took over the role from managing leader Joseph Ejoifar, who was ousted from the Labor candidate in February.

    The removal came after the ombudsman’s report said he had blocked a controversial demolition scheme “without proper scrutiny”.

    The leader of the Liberal Democrat opposition group is leader Luke Cowley-Harrison.

    Although Thursday’s election is taking place within the new electoral limits, which will retain the same number of deputies.


    Haring is the 4th poorest area London, and deprivation is more concentrated in the northeast. It is very diverse: 38% of BAME residents and 26% identify themselves as “other whites”, making it one of the most ethnically diverse areas in the country.

    There is also a relatively young population: a quarter of the population under the age of 20 and 91% of the population under the age of 65.

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