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Lorraine Kelly ‘Doesn’t Expect’ Boris Johnson To Know Who She Is

Susanna Reid interviewed Boris Johnson earlier this week

Lorraine Kelly has said she does not expect Boris Johnson to know who she is after he appeared to snub the presenter during an interview with Susanna Reid on Tuesday.

The prime minister’s sit-down with the ITV breakfast show made headlines for a number of reasons earlier this week, one of which came after Susanna introduced Lorraine, who hosts the show directly after GMB.

“Who’s Lorraine?” Johnson asked.

“Who’s Lorraine? Lorraine is a legend,” Susanna replied.

The moment soon went viral – and even drew a response from former GMB host Piers Morgan – with Lorraine now having her say on the matter.

Speaking on the Be Honest podcast, she said: “[It] was brilliant, and brilliant because she let him speak. She wasn’t trying to point score. She was just trying to get to the heart of the matter.

“And it wasn’t kind of two alpha males. It was a forensic, really intelligent interview. She absolutely did her homework and he was on the ropes, because he’s broad strokes, he’s not attention to detail.”

Co-host Bruce Devlin asked Lorraine: “You say Boris doesn’t have attention to detail, how on earth does he not know who you are?”

She replied: “I don’t expect him to.”

Asked if Boris Johnson knows who Lorraine is, the PM’s spokesperson previously told HuffPost UK: “I think as was clear the prime minister was not fully across the ITV daytime lineup this morning. He has a number of issues to deal with.”

Piers Morgan said it was “over” for Johnson after his apparent knowledge gap.

Susanna Reid interviewed Boris Johnson earlier this week

Trailing his TalkTV show Piers Morgan Uncensored in a chat with the channel’s Tom Newton-Dunn, Piers said: “We all know Lorraine Kelly. I think he knows Lorraine Kelly, he just didn’t know what on earth was going on in that whole interview.”

He continued: “I thought Susanna skewered him beautifully and he just lost his way and lost his mind, as he does so often.

“The trouble is he can probably survive partygate to a degree, maybe even survive surging inflation. He can’t survive insulting Lorraine Kelly – it’s over. It’s over for him.”

The Lorraine Kelly episode of Be Honest, which is hosted by comedians Jojo Sutherland and Bruce Devlin, is available on Monday online.


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