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The Tories face the test at the cost of their lives and Partygate when people vote across the UK – as it happened | Politics

Loki's dog was seen at the polling station

Final summary

That’s all for us today, polling stations are now almost closed. To find out about the latest results when they happen, go to our new dedicated A live blog about UK politics from 22:00, which will guide you through all the activities that take place tomorrow.

If you’re in Greater Manchester or Lancashire, here’s a good description of the time when your upcoming councils are expected to announce the results of Opros polls.

Estimated time of the Council declaration:

1:00 Taming
01:30 Wigan
02:00 Bolton
02:15 Oldham
04:00 Salford
06:00 Stockport
15:00 Manchester, Trafford
15:30 Rochdale
20:30 Bury

– GM Elections (@ElectionGM) May 5, 2022

And for the Lancashire Councils:

02:00 Chorley
02:30 Preston
14:00 Rosendale
14:30 Burnley
15:00 Hindburn
15:30 West Lancashire
16:00 Blackburn with Darven
16:30 Pendle

– GM Elections (@ElectionGM) May 5, 2022

Foreign Minister Liz Trass has condemned a terrorist attack that killed three people in the Israeli city of Greece.

Witnesses told police that on Thursday night two men attacked passers-by with axes or sharp knives.

It is known that three men aged 40 died and several others were injured. Criminals are being searched for.

Writing on Twitter, Trass said she was “shocked by another terrorist attack in Israel.” The attack is one of a series of attacks that have recently taken place in Israel and the West Bank.

Shocked by another terrorist attack in Israel, aimed at innocent people celebrating their Independence Day. My thoughts with the victims and their families.

Britain is working with the Israeli people against terrorism.

– Liz Trass (@trussliz) May 5, 2022

This afternoon we had a #dogsatpollingstations photo of the rescue dog Loki at the station in Ramsbot, Berry.

Owner Alex tells us that Loki will be looking forward to watching the results tonight.

Rachel Wirmouth of the Mirror reports that Labor is inviting its activists London go to Wandsworth and Croydon to campaign before polls close at 10 p.m.

Vandsworth is one of the tips mentioned in the last post as the ones to watch out for. The Conservatives currently occupies 33 of the 60 seats, but Labor hopes to succeed in the district.

In Croydon, Work currently oversees the board, occupying 40 of the 70 seats on it.

Labor is urging its London activists to head to Croydon (the council currently holding the party) and Wandsworth the day before.

– Rachel Wirmouth (@REWearmouth) May 5, 2022

Which of the key races will be the first to announce the result?

Polling stations for Thursday’s local election will close at 10 p.m., and the first results are expected to be around or after midnight. Here are some of the key places we’re looking forward to hearing from the early hours of the night.

Bolton, where the outcome is expected sometime after 2 a.m., has been run by a conservative minority administration since 2019, but now most likely there will be no general oversight. The district should give a good early indicator as to whether there is Work makes any return to the north of England.

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