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Voters head to polling stations across the UK to elect new local leaders

Voters head to polling stations across the UK to elect new local leaders

Voters are preparing to go to the polls to speak in the local elections in the UK on Thursday.

In the coming days, the Conservatives will find out whether they will have to pay the price for Partygate’s so-called saga. Downing Streetwhich saw the Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Chancellor Rishi Sunak fined for violating coronavirus laws.

Oliver Dowdenthe chairman of the Tory party sought to emphasize to voters the local choices they are making amid reports that some candidates have tried to distance themselves from Westminster during agitation.

In a statement on the opening of polling stations, Mr Dowden said: “Today’s election is about one thing: who do you want to run your council?

“The choice could not be more serious – between conservatives who reduce the tax in the municipality and offer good services, or opposition parties that spend money on political games and futile projects.”

Education Minister Michelle Danelan argued that Johnson was an “asset, not a commitment” in the election.

Ms. Donelan told Sky News she could “understand” why the councilors wanted to show that they “will work hard on all the things that affect daily life” rather than focusing on what’s going on in Westminster.

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Environment Minister George Justis acknowledged that “all prime ministers will always be very aware of the mood in their parliamentary party”, in response to speculation that poor results on Thursday could lead to new letters of no confidence from Tory MPs.

Mr Johnson stressed during a visit to Southampton Airport on the last day before the polls opened that he was “quite confident” that he had “the right agenda for the country”.

Tory supporters are likely to look forward to the results of local London authorities such as Wandsworth – controlled by Conservatives for the past 44 years – Westminster and Barnett, where YouGov polls believe Labor may be upsetting.

Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer used his campaign rally to highlight the “constant fever and scandals” in Mr Johnson’s administration.

In addition to Partygate, the Tories have suffered a number of disputes, including former Wakefield MP Imran Nasir Ahmad Khan pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a teenage boy, and veteran MP Neil Parish has resigned after admitting to watching pornography in Pala.

Sir Keir said the government had violated Covid’s rules, which they had imposed “over and over again”, and said the Tories’ “failure” to resolve the cost of living crisis was a “disgrace”, along with the chancellor’s decision to boost national insurance last month.

Writing in the Daily Mirror, Sir Keir said: “The British public does not need to put up with a government that refuses to take seriously the very real problems you and your family are facing.”

There have been Tory calls for Durham police to find out whether opposition leader violated Covid rules during campaigning ahead of the 2021 Hartlepool by-elections.

But Sir Keir said it was “bloodthirsty” to suggest that he broke the rules when eating “takeaway and beer while I worked late at night”.

Sir Ed Davy, leader of the Liberal Democrats, said voters on Thursday had the opportunity to “send Boris Johnson a message he cannot ignore”.

“Conservatives have failed to cope with the cost of living crisis, voted to pollute our rivers and abandoned the ambulance service,” he said.

“Whether it’s Somerset or Stockport, Winchester or Wimbledon, St. Albans or South Cambridgeshire, I’ve talked to lifelong Conservative voters who feel fully accepted as due by the Prime Minister who is breaking the law, and the Chancellor with taxes ”.

Liberals hope to cause unrest in Halle, pushing it out of Labor control, and fighting for victory against the Tories in places like Wokingham and Satan.

Liberal Democrat leader Ed Davey during his party’s local election campaign last month (Stefan Rousseau / PA)

(PA wire)

In England, more than 4,000 council members in 146 councils will stand for election in major cities including Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham and all 32 districts of London.

All 32 councils in Scotland and all 22 councils in Wales will also hold elections, polling stations will be open from 7am to 10pm.

Meanwhile, tensions were high in Northern Ireland ahead of the Stormont election, where voters will go to polling stations in 18 constituencies to elect 90 MPs.

Opinion polls suggest Sinn Fein is likely to lead the poll, and the Alliance Party is expected to receive a surge of support.


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