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1.7kV 900A IGBT module switches more power through EconoDual 3

Infineon EconoDual_3_1700_V_Trenchstop_IGBT7

“With this new chip technology, the EconoDual 3 provides a current of 900A, and enables an improved power range for inverters,” according to the company. “Compared to modules with the previous IGBT4 chipset, FF900R17ME7_B11 with the IGBT7 chip enables up to 40% higher inverter output current in the same package size.”

As well as the 900A part, there will be a 750A module with a larger diode (FF750R17ME7D_B11) and the 225A FF225R17ME7_B11 225.

For the new modules, the company is also claiming enhanced dv/dt controllability, improved diode softness, and improvements in cosmic ray-induced FIT rate, the latter “an important parameter when working with high DC link voltage”.

Maximum overload junction temperature is 175°C.

Parts are aimed at applications including wind, drive and static VAR generators. Modules rated at between 300A and 750A are due to roll out at the end of 2022.

During PCIM 2022, Infineon engineer Aleksei Gurvich will present a paper on the IGBT7 modules (10 May 14:00CEST in conference room München 2, or visit the company at stand 412 in Hall 7.

Only the 225A 1.7kV IGBT module has a web page at the time of writing


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