Home UK & World A Mexican couple is holding a disgusting Nazi-themed wedding

A Mexican couple is holding a disgusting Nazi-themed wedding

A Mexican couple is holding a disgusting Nazi-themed wedding

Jewish groups have expressed outrage after photos of the Mexican couple appeared A Nazi-themed wedding.

That day, the bride, named only “Josephine”, rolled up to a wedding in a VW Beetle decorated with a swastika, which was personalized license plate “SS”.

Meanwhile, her future husband “Fernando” was in the full uniform of a Nazi officer, complete with the head of death on his cap.

VW was commissioned by German designer Ferdinand Porsche Adolf Hitler build a “people’s car” in the 1930s.

Even the wedding date – April 29 – was carefully chosen to mark the 77th wedding anniversary of the “Fuhrer” with Eva Braun.

The couple already have two children: a daughter named Hannah after German test pilot Hannah Reich, a close confidant of the Nazi leader who was one of the last to see Hitler alive, and a son named “Reinhard” after the famous SS commander Reinhard Heydrich. , who is remembered as the chief architect of the Holocaust.

Posting photos of the wedding with bad taste, the groom told the Mexican newspaper Milenio: “I understand that for many people Hitler represents genocide, racism and violence.

“People, on the other hand, make opinions without having all the facts and without believing in the history of the winner.”

He added: “Hitler was a vegetarian who saved his country from starvation and returned to his people the lands lost during the First World War. His friends and family loved him. We were led to believe that Hitler was a racist, but he came to greet Jesse Owens at the 1936 Olympics. “

Star readers who are casually interested in 20th century history already know that much, if not all, of what Fernando said is not true.

The director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center for Latin America, Dr. Ariel Gelblung, commented that “our institution strongly condemns the distortion and trivialization of the memory of the six million Jews killed during the Holocaust and the contempt of those who deny or confuse history. participated in or sanctioned this Nazi wedding ”.

Dr Shimon Samuels, director of international relations at the Wiesenthal Center, added: “There has been no reaction from the state or human rights organizations condemning the outrage … We expect the Mexican authorities to take appropriate action.”

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