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Harry and Megan taught “two lessons” after Netflix axed the Duchess’s animation

In this photo illustration, the Netflix logo is displayed on a smartphone screen in Athens, Greece, May 4, 2022.

Prince Harry and Megan Markle may find themselves in hot water, as experts say “even royal glory” can’t save them after Netflix canceled the Duchess’s planned series.

Recently, the streaming giant announced plans to abandon the animated series Megan “Pearl” amid a significant drop in subscribers.

Megan was supposed to become the executive producer of the series, which will follow the journey of a 12-year-old girl, but last weekend it was announced that the animation will no longer continue as the market value of Netlfix fell by 35 percent.

Journalist Ross Clark, writing in Spectator, claimed that the couple received “two lessons in a row” as a result of the failure of the deal.

First, he wrote: “Membership in the royal family opens the door to media deals that less well-connected celebrities could only dream of.”

Last weekend, the streaming giant announced that it would not continue with “Pearl”, a children’s series after a 12-year-old girl in which Megan acted as executive producer.

He continued: “Second, they have learned that even royal fame will ultimately not help one of the world’s largest media organizations sell a product that the public finds unattractive.

“They are gradually realizing that the world is truly interested only when they shed beans on the royal family.

“Take it away and they’ll become a pretty boring couple erupting awakened banalities.”

Speaking to the Mirror, royal author Robert Jobson had previously argued that Megan’s cancellation of the series proved that “their name and royal associations alone do not guarantee support in the ruthless world of show business”, wondering: “Will Netflix demand more royal titles?” from Price and his wife? ”

But after the
But after the “Pearl” was stopped, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex “quickly learned two lessons,” said journalist Ross Clark

Jobson suggested that the couple “may now face increasing pressure” to produce “royal goods” to please subscribers who want drama, and suggested that they could appear on the Queen’s platinum anniversary next month.

“Are they ready to sell even more? Only time will tell, ”he said.

“But after publicity with Oprah and others, of course, they have exhausted their grand royal discoveries.”

Professor Sele Otnes, an expert on royal branding, said the couple struggled to highlight the brand now that they had gotten rid of the royal bubble and that the Netflix fiasco “raises the question of what the Sussex brand still means as a separate brand from the British Royal brand. family? ”

She told The Express: “I think [royal expert] Tina Brown’s view of this in her new book is correct – arguing that Megan and Harry NASHATIN overestimated their appeal as a brand, when, so to speak, severed ties with the mother ship.

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