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Keir Starmer welcomes “fantastic” election results in London Labor Party, celebrating victory in Barnet

Keir Starmer welcomes


abour leader sir Keir Starmer returned to Barnet, where he launched his own London a local election campaign to celebrate his party coming to power for the first time.

He hailed the “fantastic” result almost a month after starting his party’s campaign in the district and an hour after the final result confirmed Labor’s victory.

Party activists and deputies saw him being photographed with him advicenew leader Barry Rawlings and told them he “hardly believes” in a number of victories in capital.

He said: “Wandsworth, they’ve been saying for years that you’ll never take Wandsworth.

“We just did it. Westminster, an absolutely amazing result, and here at Barnett. ”

Nigel Howard

He also referred to anti-Semitism when many local Labor felt they had lost the last election in an area with a large Jewish community, saying: “It was important for me to come to Barnet because my first words as our party leader when I was in April 2020 took office, we were going to eradicate anti-Semitism from our party, no longer tolerate it in our party, change our party, and I said the test for that would be when voters trust us again in places like Barnett, and they do it did “.

Earlier on Friday morning, Clare Rawlings hailed the “historic victory, a landslide victory” and told a new majority of Labor voters who want a “safer, brighter, cleaner Barnet” and only half jokingly told them: “You can have five minutes, but that’s it. ”.

He told the Standard that the victory was due to a “mix of national and local” problems.

He said his conservative opponents had lost voters “who felt alienated from the party” because of the Partygate scandal.

He said: “I think people felt they wanted a non-conservative party. They believe in the rule of law and people who obey the law. “

Tory leader Daniel Thomas said the Labor victory in Barnet “does not bode well” for the Conservatives in the general election.

Nigel Howard

He said: “I think it’s a warning shot from Conservative supporters, and I think our loss today is due not only to what I just mentioned, but also to the large number of Conservative voters who just didn’t go out to vote, stayed at home. “

He said his party got into a “perfect storm” when Labor took overall control of the area.

He said: “We have 12 years in government, the crisis of the cost of living, Partygate and I think these three factors are the reason we have such a bad night.”

He said he would leave his views on the future of the prime minister until a full national picture emerged, but said his party had lost good advisers due to the government’s unpopularity.

He also said that the “changing demographics” of outer London had potentially boosted Labor’s vote, as had changes in the boundaries of the chambers.

Nigel Howard

Nine two-mandate wards and 15 with three members replaced the former 21 chambers of three.

He said many voters took the opportunity to change chambers to change their votes.

The victory turned out to be a happy one for the third time. This has been the main goal of the party in London in the last three local elections.

In 2014, the party almost failed to gain control, and in 2018 the council turned even more towards the Conservatives to today’s turn.


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