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Rihanna and A $ AP Rocky hint at a new music video

A $ AP smiles, showing a grill with the inscription: "Marry me?"

Rihanna and A $ AP Rocky hinted at a potential involvement in the rapper’s latest clip.

The couple, who are expecting their first child, seemed to have confirmed that they were engaged after a scene in a recent DMB music video in which he smiles while opening a grill with the caption: “Get married me? ”

In the next scene, Barbadian pop star Rihanna is seen with her own grill that reads, “I do.”

The song is filled with scenes of a couple with friends and dinner.

According to NME, the video is an ode to a classic love story where Rocky and Rihanna portray characters who are devoted in a devoted relationship, despite the circumstances.

A $ AP smiles, showing a grill with the caption, “Marry me?”

But after the scene of the proposal are photos of Rihanna in a red wedding dress and a red lace veil holding roses as they walk down the hall.

Earlier this year, Rihanna proudly made her debut pregnancy under a pink jacket.

Rumors about whether the stars meet began in 2013, when A $ AP Rocky supported Rihanna in her world tour Diamonds.

Rihanna had her own grill, which reads: "I do."
Rihanna had her own grill that said, “I do.”

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Earlier, the couple starred together in a 2013 rapper video at Fashion Killa, and the New Yorker also offered an invited poem to remix Rihanna’s 2012 hit Cockiness (I Love it).

Rihanna recently talked about how pregnancy has changed her body, and admitted that she is now “much focused on hydration and contouring”.

She said: “The face is getting a little round and plump. The nose is starting to widen. Everything is complicated, starting with how you dress and how you’re going to do your make-up. But I love problems.”

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