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The Tories are preparing to lose key tips as a result of the Johnson strike

The Tories are preparing to lose key tips as a result of the Johnson strike

Boris Johnson Tories preparing for losses in London as the first votes start counting after the election across the UK.

While in Scotland, Wales and many parts of England can take away seats on the Council Northern Ireland elects its new assembly in the most significant vote of all, and Sinn Fein aspires to become the largest party.

Votes were counted in some English competitions overnight, including key authorities in the capital, where the Tories fear their flagship council Wandsworth will fall Work.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson leaves Methodist Central Hall in London with his dog Dylin after Thursday’s vote (Stephen Rousseau / PA)

(PA wire)

The south end of London is the totem power for the Tories. It was Margaret Thatcher’s favorite – he turned blue in 1978, a year before he was elected prime minister – and is known for his low taxes.

But Tory insiders believe it is a “certain loss,” along with Barnett, while Westminster may also see a loss of Tory control that would be a gloomy night for Mr. Johnson’s party in the city he ruled.

Barnet Labor leader Barry Rawlings told the BBC: “I’ve felt confident for a while.”

The election comes after a scandal with the party gate and concerns over the cost of living crisis highlighted by the gloomy economic forecasts of the Bank of England on election day.

By-elections are always difficult for the ruling party, although since many of the English seats were last contested in 2018, during the chaotic administration of Theresa May, opportunities for opposition parties for further victories can only be limited.

A Tory source said: “The battlefield in this election has been firmly in favor of Labor. And the Conservatives are lagging behind in national polls, so we expect this election to be tough. “

The Prime Minister thanked the Tory supporters for “their hard work to support our plan to keep the Council low tax”.

Cabinet Minister Brendan Lewis insisted that Mr Johnson remained the right man to lead the party, amid speculation that poor election results – coupled with any further revelations about the №10 parties breaking the blockade – could lead to that more Tory MPs will file letters of no confidence.

The Minister for Northern Ireland told Sky News: “I absolutely think we can win the next election and I think Boris Johnson this is the right person to lead us to this.

“He has made these important decisions through Covid and internationally with Ukraine and other areas since he was prime minister.”

In Rutland, where there is no election, the Tories failed when district council leader Oliver Hamsley announced his withdrawal from the party, claiming it had been “ignored, set aside and not improved by further improving our spending” by the government.

The countdown of many English authorities, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will only begin on Friday.

Conservatives will find out if they are paying the price for the Partygate saga, which resulted in Johnson and Chancellor Rishi Sunak being fined for violating coronavirus laws.

The Tories have also suffered from a number of other disputes, including former Wakefield MP Imran Ahmad Khan was found guilty of sexually assaulting a teenage boy, and veteran MP Neil Parish has resigned after pleading guilty to pornography in the House of Commons.

The scale of the cost of living crisis became clear with the intervention of the Bank of England on Thursday – interest rates rose to 1%, their highest level in 13 years, and inflation is projected to exceed 10%.

In a bleak set of forecasts, the Bank predicted that growth will decline in the last three months of 2022 as spending cuts lead to households holding back their spending.

The Labor campaign has suffered from Tory calls to Durham police to find out whether Sir Keir Starmer violated Covid rules during campaigning ahead of the 2021 by-elections in Hartlepool.

(PA Graphics)

(PA Graphics)

But the Labor leader claims it is a “hoax” to suggest that he broke the rules when “eating and drinking while I worked late at night”.

Labor leader Anneliese Dodds has said she hopes the results will show progress after the 2019 general election, which was led by Jeremy Corbyn.

“It’s going to be a long night, and there are going to be ups and downs – we hold the majority of seats in the election in England, so never expected much success,” she said.

“These results will show the progress we have made thanks to Keira’s leadership since the disastrous results of the 2019 election.”

The Liberal Democrats hope to make further inroads into the center of the Tories – the “Blue Wall” in the south of England – following the recent success in the by-elections in Westminster in North Shropshire and Chesham and Amersham.

Liberal Democrat leader Sir Ed Davy (Jonathan Brady / Pennsylvania)

(PA wire)

Party leader Sir Ed Davy said: “I am optimistic that thanks to their hard work, the Liberal Democrats will gain a position in the areas behind the Blue Wall, where voters are tired of being taken for granted by conservatives.”

The first results show the achievement of both the Liberal Democrats and the Greens at the expense of both Labor and the Tories.

In England, more than 4,000 council members in 146 councils are running in major cities, including Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham and all 32 districts of London.

In the first 10 rows announced, no power passed from hand to hand, but Labor suffered a net loss of seven seats, the Tories four, the Liberal Democrats five and the Greens three.

All 32 councils in Scotland and all 22 councils in Wales are also holding elections.

Meanwhile, Northern Ireland has high tensions in the Stormont elections, where voters came to polling stations in 18 constituencies to elect 90 MPs.

The DUP and Republican Shin Fein are vying for first place in the election, which has the right to nominate the next first minister.

Since the founding of the state in 1921, the Unionist Party has always been the largest in the Assembly, and previously in the Stormont Parliament.

While the positions of first and deputy first ministers are equal to the joint authority, the distribution of ranks is considered symbolically important.


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